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From Zero to Partner

Documenting my journey from 0 to Twitch Partner, building a Streaming Empire live and in public for you to mimic. Stay informed:


Where Do I Start?

EZ Game, EZ Money – Monetize Your Passion // Free

Want to spend thousands on cosmetics in your games without guilt?

It’s possible. Let me set up your mindset for a rich future. Guided advice on how to get there.

The Edge – Subconscious Gaming // Paid

95% of our daily decisions and actions are driven by the subconscious mind.

Actions, strategies, intuition, skills. All driven by the subconscious mind.

Accelerate your gaming by 95%!

EZ Twitter Money // Free

Too many streamers, gamers, and cool people are still sleeping on monetizing Twitter.

Steal big streamers’ audiences using Twitter. Grow fast, make money fast.

Subconscious Purpose // Paid

Find Your Meaning in Life. THE ONLY course that works because it uses SUBLIMINAL MESSAGING.

So far, you’ve been running on 5% capacity. Genuinely, start winning today.

What People Are Saying

"I find myself more powerful every week, losing weight steadily, more good things are happening, I almost don't have a need for porn, sugar, or smoking anymore. I started a business and feel much better overall."
Cambia Ahora
Grounded Purchase
“My life is split into before I met you and after. Before there was only suffering, but you gave me tools and perspectives so that I could create and put meaning into it. You freed me from a lot of unnecessary suffering and poison.”
ALC Member
"My biggest result is the deep awareness I am developing. Through all your topics and shared knowledge and wisdom. I haven't had this sense of belonging and purpose since my Army days. I never worked on mindset or looked into spirituality, but now I see the power within that."
ALC Member

The Letters

Skills to Win the Game

All my past letters accessible for free.

Hi, I'm Alexander.

I’m a Dad in my mid 30s, married, mortgage, working a 9-5. Programmer for 17 years, Ex Pro-Gamer, been gaming for 20 years.

The corporate world is dying. Homeoffice and AI will shake up the entire working industry. I realized this is not bad, this is a powerful opportunity to monetize my passions.

The Creator Economy is the future. Everyone will be able to live their passion and purpose each day, and make very good money from it.

My content helps you to set up your online empire step-by-step, regardless if you want to be a Twitch streamer, YouTube Gamer, TikTok Mobile Gamer, or just write articles on Games.

My systems and methods come from my own experience and have been proven by 1,000+ people I’ve coached, helped, and guided.

EZ Game, EZ Money is the first step that sets you up for a gaming future of fun and independence.