10x Your Business with AI and Robots

Yesterday I watched “The Intern” with Robert DeNiro and Anne Hathaway.

Surprisingly good movie I must say.

I was expecting a woke-agenda chick-flick, but it was funny and positive and was tackling a bunch of good topics.

One thing stuck out to me, though.

Anne Hathaways’ character is a successful businesswoman running a startup.

And she’s like working 14 hours a day, misses appointments with her daughter and husband, and never sleeps.

This is where I realized how people are – again – being programmed against running their own businesses. Here’s how to 10x your business with automation.

Because if this ends up being you, you’re dumb 😉

Online business is designed to FREE your time.

Not move from one slavery to the next.

And I realized this myself once I implemented systems, started using AI and Automation.

This frees up so much time while not just keeping the business afloat.

It actually 10x your success.

How to Make More Money by Doing Less

I recently saw a thread by the great Justin Welsh on Twitter, where he outlined his success journey.

One part stuck out to me where he mentioned that at some point, he halved the time he did coaching, and focused more on audience building on Twitter.

This is when his revenue skyrocketed.

And the reason is quite simple.

He had more time to focus on being creative. Coming up with new ideas. Core business.

The same talk I had recently with the founders of SubliminalClub, who decided to delegate most of their tasks and automate building their subs with AI (not the scripts), so they can focus on the core business. Writing the scripts for the subs and researching and developing the tech.

See, as CEO of your company, your main work should NOT consist of tedious tasks, running the numbers, and directing everyday business.

Your work should be what started it in the first place.

This IS the work that brings in the actual money.

Because this IS the work only YOU can do.

I’ve been guilty of this for the longest time.

Doing everything myself.

Everything by hand.

But it’s all unnecessary.

Now, we run a solopreneur business, right?

It’s just us, and I don’t want to tell you to hire VAs, because that’s even more work.

Society developed a bunch of tools to use robots as your VAs.

Here’s how I do it:

Step 1: Figure out what truly moves the needle and what eats time

This might be a tough one because you need to be brutally honest with yourself.

For example, I made about $30k with coaching so far but ended up dropping it completely.

Why is that?

I don’t have the time, and it stops me from doing my core business, which is spreading the message via email, Twitter, and Youtube.

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I think most dads and 9-5 guys with a family cannot really do coaching unless you are okay with your family life and your health truly suffering.

Yes, coaching has a lot of benefits, but until you quit your 9-5, it’s not really feasible.

So I ditched that entirely. Focused on building my group and Twitter, and guess what?  ALC signups increased massively.

This is passive income down the line.

Which is exactly the key to making me free of my 9-5.

This is what moves the needle.

So focus on that.

Same thing with social media. Don’t do 10 platforms. Even if you repurpose content, it takes time.

This is why I dropped IG and TikTok recently and focus entirely on Twitter, Youtube, and Telegram.

Step 2: Systems

I mentioned this in a recent post.

Systemize your entire content creation.

I use Notion (virtually for everything) to write down content ideas and flesh them out later.

notion idea planner

From there, I have templates that are prefilled with a setup to not forget about things.

This gets auto-created every time I schedule a new content piece in notion:

business notion template

This way, I reduce the things I have to think about and can solely focus on content creation and topics.

This is a system to feed the entire social media stack I use.

I also plan my entire week ahead of time with Notion:

notion weekly planner

And have templates in notion for virtually everything:

notion templates

I can’t even begin to tell you how much time this saves me each week without ruining the business’s success.

Better, it improves it because – again – I can focus on teaching, reaching, and winning 😉

Step 3: AI and Robots

Now, I don’t see AI replacing humans any time soon.

What it does is be a great tool to support humans going forward.

I.e. removing manual labor.

What AI is really good at is research and pattern recognition.

For example.

For Twitter (or any social media really) it’s vitally important that you stick close to your message over time.

Or to use the overused (but correct) term: consistency.

 Tweethunter.io  is a great tool that has one awesome feature:

tweethunter AI feature

This feature tells you how close this Tweet you’re writing is to what you usually talk about. Or if you don’t have many tweets, what another creator usually talks about.

It even checks for the language you use and your writing style.

This is an AI doing that.

You can also have the AI generate entire tweets for you (but I would review them, as I said, AI cannot replace humans) or try to finish tweets, or even improve them.

If you want to use chatGPT prompts, you can also do this by generally asking the AI about topic ideas, thread ideas, thread hooks with topics you often talk about, etc.

This saves a HUGE amount of time which is exactly what I need as a father, still working a 9-5.

I spend about 15-20 minutes per day on Tweethunter to schedule my Tweets and this alone builds a huge audience.

escape wage slavery easily banner

You can further automate your entire business with  IFTTT.com  where you can set up simple applets.

For example, one I use is “Whenever I post a youtube video, post a link to Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin, etc.”

I don’t need to do anything, as soon as I publish, it posts it everywhere.

And you can do much more with it.

 Zapier.com  is another one which has many more connections available (for example for notion, which is great) but it’s more expensive to use properly. However, 5 zaps are free.

Would you be interested in a future business automation course where I go into detail on how to set these things up?

Would save you even more time I guess 🙂

For now, I can help you within the  Activated Life Community, where we build and succeed with online business!

There are many more ways to automate your business and use robots and AI to support you in saving time.

Play around with it.

Remember, the end goal is to free time for your core business.

I know people running 6 figure businesses with 2 hours a day of work.

All due to systems and automation.

Until next time,

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