2.0 Dad: An Online Biz is a Must! Spare Your Kids of the 9-5 Slavery.

Welcome to the Age of the 2.0 Dad!

If you’re not a father yet, still stick around, because that’s even BETTER.

If you can build your business before you have kids, great success.

However, I wasn’t there.

My son only made me realize in what dreary bullshit I send him if I don’t get my act together.

Who is the 2.0 Dad?

A dad who is taking the initiative to build an online business and free himself from the traditional 9-5 working model.

This is a dad who is looking to create more time for his family, spend quality time with his children, build a better relationship with his wife, and enjoy life on new levels.

As fathers, we want to be there for our kids, to be able to provide for them and give them the life we never had.

We want to be able to provide them with the best education, opportunities, and experiences.

We want them to have a better future than we did.

This is why creating an online business is the perfect way to ensure that our kids don’t have to suffer through the same 9-5 grind that we did.

Don’t you think?

To this day, I spent about 15 years in the 9-5 meat grinder.

That’s fine. I didn’t know better.

You didn’t know better.

Not our fault.

However, once you have kid(s), you are 100% responsible for the basic foundation of their life.

And since you KNOW how  shitty the 9-5 world is , how can you go to sleep and rest well, knowing that your beloved child will have to go through the same slavery?

This alone should give you enough drive to  get your online business going .

And I know there are a bunch of objections, I will cover those at the end of this post.

For now, let me paint you a simple picture:

Let’s say you live from paycheck to paycheck.

Mortgage on your house.

Barely enough to go on the obligatory vacation once a year.

If so.

Christmas comes around.

You recently had to pay a huge bill for the car that broke down.

You don’t REALLY have the money right now, but of course, you want to buy presents for your children.

So you buy them while feeling pretty bad about it.

What’s happening here?

You will end up resentful towards your children/wife for wanting these expensive presents because you can’t really afford them.

You’re not pussying out and telling them because of ego issues.

You simply are hating yourself for being in this situation and projecting that onto your loved ones.

Can you see how this is a VERY bad situation to be in?

Having those emotions towards your kids?

What if, instead, you COULD spend hundreds or thousands of Dollars on presents, but you keep it low because you don’t want them to be spoiled brats?

Notice a difference in energy there?

You give from love, not from a need.

The 2.0 Dad is a Free Dad

The biggest benefit, of course, is being free with your time.

You can decide to drop your work for today, and go out hiking with the family (because of course, you retired your wife also, which by the way, also betters your sex life).

You have more time with the kids.

Your work day ends at 1-3pm, instead of 7pm where you come home to your kids already being asleep in bed.

You’re more free to do what YOU want to do with your life.

Now, all of these things are things I am working towards.

I want to decide on my own timeframe.

How I spend my time in a day.

Decide to play with my kids whenever I want it.

Not when my boss tells me.

We get to money in a second, but it’s mostly about freedom.

Freedom of choice.

Freedom for your family.

Freedom for your life.

escape wage slavery

Teaching your Kids right

If you know one thing, then that in a regular school, all kids learn is scarcity and slavery.

 In last week’s mail  I mentioned how school grooms you to become a worker drone and ruins your creative thinking.

Look at your little racker.

You want him/her to lose that spark? That joy? That zest for life?

Only so he can SURVIVE in this f**ked up society?

Kids do what you do, not what you tell them to do.

They copy you wherever possible.

This is how humans learn.

By observation and trying it.

So if you go to work each morning, dreading it, with a shitty mood, fighting with your wife, etc.

Rest assured, your kids will develop the same sentiment and just expect this to be “normal.”

Instead, if you were running your own business, getting up pumped, shaking with your wife, kidding with the kids in the morning, coming home early to play with them,

they learn that THIS is how life can be lived.

I guess you can tell, this entire post is basically a sales pitch.

I’m not selling a product.

I’m selling a lifestyle.

It’s your decision.

You don’t have to buy, but I guess you can tell how much better life would be for you, your wife, your family, and your kids.

“I don’t have the skills for online biz” and other lies

Let’s cover a bunch of objections you have (and I had for the longest time):

  • I am too old to start an online business”


Yes, the best time would’ve been to build in your 20s as everyone propagates it, but this doesn’t mean that the next 20 years you should sit around.

What’s stopping you from just giving it a try?

Definitely better than just giving up and staying in that shitty situation.

Give it a shot.

Nothing changes if you keep doing the same shit.

  • “I don’t have time to do this”

I feel you.

 Working the 9-5, the kids, relationship .

There’s a lot on your plate.

But it’s also a lie.

Nobody ever HAS time.

You TAKE time if something is truly important.

You can find an hour a day to work on your business, 100%.

Will it take longer this way?


But how else are you gonna spend the rest of your life?

 Netflix and porn  while you dread retirement to just die off?

  • “I don’t have any skill to sell”

Doesn’t matter.

Start with writing on  Twitter and journal your own progress of escape.

People love to RELATE.

It’s the same thing I do.

I really only ever share my own progress and process of getting out of the slavery.

I am not there yet.

Still people follow and buy from me.

Outside of that, I am sure you had problems you solved in a certain way.

You can sell those.

Want to get this wisdom right into your Inbox? Enter your best email and hit “Join!” to get a bonus!

  • “Online business is oversaturated”

I love Naval Ravikants quote on this:

“There are 7 billion people on this planet. And I hope, at some point we have 7 billion businesses.”

If everyone  lives their own purpose  in their unique way, we can easily have 7 billion businesses.

And no, this doesn’t mean we don’t have food because no one wants to be a farmer.

Someone LOVES to be a farmer but he can’t compete with the big corporations.

Your scarcity mindset from school and society is speaking.

There is enough work for anyone to run a business.

And enjoy it.

If it is his true purpose, and not just for the money.

  • “Won’t I have less time for the kids if I run a business?”

Only if you’re being stupid about it.

Tim Ferriss’ idea of the 4 hour work WEEK is bullshit. He even said himself he works more than that.

But a 4 hour DAY is totally possible.

I know of many working that amount (or less or more, remember, THEY decide) in a day, making $10k – $100k/month.

It’s the beauty of online business.

It’s constantly ONLINE.

It works FOR YOU.

Instead of vice versa.

Hustle culture is toxic and a retarded idea.

Because what you did then is trade one slavery for the other.

The goal is to  ESCAPE the slavery of your time , not alter it.

You can EASILY run your million dollar online business and play with your kids every day for hours.

It’s the future.

The creator economy.

Bonus: Wet Caves

One thing I didn’t talk about so far is your sex life.

Imagine your wife not being stressed from work.

Having time to look after herself.

Meet with friends.

Play with the kids.

Maybe even build her own creative online business if that’s her drive.

If that’s her energy, your sex life will skyrocket also.

I know from experience.

When my wife was on parental leave for a year,

not worrying about work.

Playing with our son.

Meeting with friends.

She was the most feminine, bubbly, sex, and hot girl I ever saw.

And now imagine you being a successful entrepreneur, running a multiple thousand or million dollar business on the side.

How can she not melt in your arms?

As you can tell, benefits all around.

But especially when it comes to energy and how you deal with your loved ones, I think it’s a NECESSITY,


for any man these days to become Dad 2.0.

The Modern Dad.

Who provides TONS of value to other people.

To be FREE.

And show his loved ones what is possible.

See you around,

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