A Dad, 20 Italian Hotties, and the Subconscious Mind

I was sitting there, eating my Pizza Verdure with extra Spicy Salami, and wondered, “How, where, and why are there 20 Hot Italian Women at the table next to me?”

And what does this have to do with the subconscious mind?

The last time I ran Wanted, hot women were suddenly everywhere, and my wife was coming into the living room in red, hot, sexy, lingerie for some fun minutes.

But we recently had a discussion on how to dress at home.

Because she let go a bit.

So my mind was filled with these thoughts.

You can call me shallow, but I like a woman in a nice dress, fancy underwear, and all that.

Many family men have this issue that their wives don’t put in the effort anymore.

You might feel the same.

She’s just not as sexy at home anymore and it pains you to see that.

Especially if you think back at what she did, how she dressed in the past.

I’m currently running an experimental testing version of a subliminal program.

I am not allowed to disclose what it is, but it has something in it about being an influential person and having a lot of followers.

But then, why did it manifest hot women over Twitter followers?

My mind was filled with thoughts about female sex appeal from that fight with my wife, and the subliminal program amplified this to manifest these women into reality.

Reality became an extension of my mind.

“Sure, bro. That was just a coincidence, don’t you think?”


There is no such thing as coincidence.

Or luck.

We use these terms to explain things we don’t understand.

When the reality is that we DO understand how this works.

I’ve studied reality for years now.

It’s not what you think.

Your subconscious mind creates your reality at all times.

What you think about, you bring about.

What goes around, comes around.

As Above, So Below.

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A subliminal program shapes and amplifies this because the subconscious reaction is supercharged.

But even without that, you have a similar power at your disposal at all times:

Your self-talk.

  • If you think of yourself as a loser or unlucky, bad things will happen in your life.
  • If you constantly have a lack of money on your mind, you will live in lack.
  • If you constantly tell yourself how you’re not successful with XYZ, then reality will be exactly that.

I’ve seen it so many times with so many people.

Once they changed their mindset, their reality changed.

I see it with the subliminals every day.

Once their belief system changes, their reality changes.

It’s even been tested by science.

Dickie Bush tweeted just yesterday that every time he hit a wealth ceiling in his business, it was in his mind. The first dollar online, the first $1,000, or the first $10mil.

Once he internally accepted that he can make more money, it started happening.

Once I worked through the issues and made my first $10k online, I was like “Why did I always think I can’t do this? It’s so simple.”

It goes deeper.

I tell you guys often first to get a better 9-5 – if your money is tight – instead of banking on the business to pay your bills.

Because if you live in lack all day due to your 9-5, this mindset will drip into your business.

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How to Reshape Your Belief System

There are two ways to cultivate better self-talk and belief systems.

I would recommend going with both.

  1. Conscious method, aKa Awareness
  2. Subconscious method, aka Subliminals

The first one was mentioned in Rich Dad, Poor Dad.

Don’t think “I can’t afford it.”

Think How can I afford it?”

The latter makes your mind think and solve it, whereas the former gives it a cop-out.

You can make it simpler as well:

Don’t think “What if this doesn’t work out?”

Just reverse it.

“What if this works out?”

Visualize that!

“What if I fail there?” becomes “What if I exceed my wildest expectations?”

Now, this is a challenging task.

It will take daily practice to cultivate that mindset.

The mind is like a muscle. It can be trained.

This is where the second part comes in.

Subliminal messaging helps speed things up 100x (I’m not exaggerating).

Learn here how it works.

I’ve been using these for years and nothing else moved my mindset THIS quickly.

There are many subliminals, for all the issues you have.

The one I highly recommend for beginners is >>> this one <<<

If you want to see fast results with subs, try Diamond. It will skyrocket your sex life and even bring around a dead bedroom with your wife.

Sex is generally where you see the quickest results.

A few runs of these and I was taking my wife on the kitchen counter from behind.

I am not kidding.

It’s THAT powerful.

Because again.

The mind precedes reality.

I’ve studied the depth of reality for years now.

The consensus seems to be the same everywhere.

It doesn’t exist the way you think it does.

It’s a visual illusion. And you can directly control it with your mind.

See you soon,

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