Can You Unlock Your True Purpose As a 9-5 Dad?

“Your post is an interesting mixture of spam and bad advice.”

I don’t like to pick on people, but there is a powerful lesson in this reply. How your bias and limiting beliefs are entirely automated and stop you from succeeding in life. Plus, what to do?

So you don’t work for other people’s dreams, dreading every morning for the rest of your life.

“Winners Don’t Write YouTube Comments” —Joe Rogan

If you just joined my list, I recently wrote an email on how to start your online business with $0 in expenses (you can find it here).

Business side-lesson: I always also post the emails to my blog, reddit subs, indiehackers, etc. Wherever it fits to get more reach.

So I did.

And the fun engaged quickly.

One guy came along to take out time of his life to hit “reply” on the post and sit down to write a bunch of lines.

99% of cases it is a waste of time, but this time it helped me to see an issue within me and probably you.

He started his post with the line above and then proceeded to say:

“You spent $1,000 on mighty networks plan but you claim $0 expenses. You then went on to promote several non-free services and left out the simple fact that none are free time.”

Reading Helps With Arguing (Or Avoiding It)

What’s apparent is that he didn’t even read the post, because I explained how I’ve spent those $1,000, but it is a massive waste and you don’t need it.

All the services I promote ARE free if you actually take the time to look into the pricing table.

What happened?

He saw the title “How to run a business with $0 in expenses,” probably looked at his own business and was like “Now that’s some bullshit.”

And this was the mindset he entered the post with.

We do this all the time.

The mindset we currently have determines what we do and write.

  • If you’re horny and you go on IG, you likely end up checking out some thots.
  • If you’re in a bad mood, you end up talking shit on Elon Musks’s tweets.
  • If you had a fight with your wife, you post snarky comments under women’s tweets.

In contrast, if you are well rested, living your purpose (or building towards it), and read anything, you’re more of the “let’s see what’s what” mindset.

“Maybe I can learn something here.”

How Purpose (and $$$ from it) is Possible For Anyone

This is a tough pill to swallow for most of us.

Much like the Reddit guy in question, we have limiting beliefs and predefined mindsets towards a topic that stops us from actually doing it.

I don’t know this guy’s business, sounds like a brick & mortar.

But if he actually would’ve spent the time to look into these things he could’ve learned something new.

Potentially lean his business.

Remove overhead and clutter.

Maximize the profit margin.

For you and me, this means, yes, monetizing your purpose is absolutely possible.

Worse: the solution is likely in front of you.

On a random Reddit post.

That Tweet that kinda caught your eye while mindlessly scrolling.

But you’re putting a blind eye on it.

Because deep down, in your subconscious mind, in your belief system, you think it’s impossible.

I’ve been there myself.

The first $1 Frees Your Mind

You see this all the time on Twitter.

Gurus be claiming you just need to make that one Dollar and then it clicks in your mind.

This is what worked for me.

But it took a while.


Many failed businesses.

There is a MUCH faster approach.

What if you could entirely reshape your subconscious belief system within 15 minutes?

AND give you all the tools necessary to make it happen successfully.

Curious? Then check out this link.

If not, then just remember to be open to new knowledge.

It could have the holy grail of what you were looking for.

And finally, get to work and build your business!

See you soon,

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