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Build Your Real-Life Character. Monetize Your Passion.

Become a WealthyGamer by Building Your Own Online Business. Escape the 9-5 Slavery and Live a Life of Games, Fulfillment, and Joy.

How Does It Work?

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Buy As Many Cosmetics As You Want

Years ago I was playing Hearthstone like a mad man. On top, I am a guy who loves cosmetics, cool looks for your cards, heroes, whatnot.

I need that individuality.

But I could never afford to just drop $500 on crates to get the fancy costumes.

Most people struggle for money. Especially fathers. You want to buy these things, but it FeelsBadMan because you need to feed your family and pay off the mortgage.

What if you could buy as many cosmetics as you liked?

The EZ Life Planner is designed to set up your belief system and your vision to make this possible.

It is the first absolutely vital step to get going.

This is what I wish I had many years ago. I solved these issues myself and now I am sharing them with you.

Free Your Mind, Free Your Life

  • Be able to buy whatever game you want
  • Be able to buy the coolest costumes and cosmetics
  • Have enough time to watch streams and play games
  • And STILL have enough time to play with your family and kids
  • Go on vacations whenever you want
  • Live life on your own terms

Sounds like a nice ad in a shitty brochure?

I know it does.

But it is all possible with the right mindset. Many have done it, so can you.

The EZ Life Planner is the first step to:

  • Understand yourself and your limitations
  • How to breach them
  • How to monetize your passion (make money gaming, for example)
  • How to have your needs met in your relationship
  • How to be who you always wanted to be
  • Become a better gamer with subliminal messaging

And it’s entirely free.