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Steal Audiences. Make Money Tweeting.

100% Legally “steal” big accounts’ audiences with these simple, yet powerful methods to grow your Twitter account and monetize it.

How Does It Work?

These are proven strategies to gain the following of your favorite streamer and/or big YouTube account.

Using tools and systems to automate this entire process, so you can keep focusing on your content creation.

I grew my own account to 14k followers from scratch with these methods.

More Twitter Followers -> More People Seeing Your Content

Even if you don’t plan to monetize Twitter itself, it is still a superb platform to get new eyes on your content.

There is a reason Twitch has a function to auto-tweet when you’re live…

The majority of streamers are still sleeping on this method. Yet I know people making $100,000 a month just from selling their products on Twitter.

It is one of THE most powerful platforms out there.

Stop playing the game on hard mode.

Grow your Twitter and Start Winning!

What's In It?

  • Why “Choosing a Niche” is For Losers
  • How to Set up a Winning Profile people NEED to Follow
  • The 30-5-3-1 Method that guarantees success
  • DM Game. How to network with millionaires and your favorite streamers via Twitter
  • Tools to Use and How to Use them to Automate the Entire Process

Do I Really Need That?

Twitter is the main hub for quick updates and making money.

Regardless of what your main platform is, you need to have Twitter.

Everyone reads Twitter.

Hell, even News Outlets show Tweets in their News!

The entire gaming community is on Twitter. All big gaming companies post updates there.

Stop being behind!

Does This 100% Work?


These are just tools. It depends entirely on you, USING those tools. This method.

If you do nothing, you won’t magically get new followers.

But IF you apply the teachings in there, your Twitter account will 100% grow. Fast!