How I Plan to Succeed With Online Business

Today I am gonna share details of my business and what I do on a daily basis to succeed with online business.

LOTS of important information!

3 years now. I am working on Selfconquering.

I’ve had $10k months, and I had $0 months. Even after the $10k months.

This is the general notion of people outside of online business. “It’s too unstable to be sustainable.”

Rather go to your paycheck to paycheck job where you can be fired any minute 😉


The REASON why this happened is because I jumped back and forth, left and right with SQ, so the people (you) never really knew what it was about and where we’re going.

Hence, I could never build a sustainable customer base of the same people.

This is where an old trope comes true again:

Consistency is key.

But it’s a lesson I learned the hard way.

Not just consistently post content.

Stay consistent with your brand.

how to succeed with online business

Now, I am a guy who is interested in all sorts of things, so naturally, this became quite difficult to do.

However, I realized, you CAN talk about whatever, ONCE you reached a certain threshold.

At first, your audience wants to get the same stuff. Later, once you’ve built authority, you can branch out.

How I Will Succeed With My Business (and how you can, too)

There are a bunch of steps I have now planned. Lessons learned from going back and forth for 3 years.

With that knowledge under my belt, I plan to succeed with online business within a year.

Success for me there, means, $10k a month and about 20-30k in the bank. At this point, I consider the business a “success.” And from there, it’s about scaling, which needs a different approach.

Success can be different for you.

Here are my steps:

1- A Deep Wealth Custom Subliminal

If you never ran any sub by SubliminalClub, a custom is not for you.

It’s basically a  subliminal program  which you can design yourself, narrow the focus, etc.

Here is mine, called Revelation of Wealth:

  1. Ecstacy of Gold 4
  2. Ascension Chamber
  3. Free Pass
  4. Cosmic Wealth
  5. Wealth Limit Destroyer
  6. Financial Success Reality Shifter
  7. Secrets of Akasha – Wealth
  8. The Spotlight
  9. Lifeblood Fable
  10. Victory’s Call
  11. Story Teller
  12. Sacred Words
  13. Moment Immortalized
  14. Chiron
  15. Song of Joy
  16. Entranced
  17. Void of Creation
  18. Virtue Series: Patience
  19. Subconscious Flow
  20. Plateau Transcendent

You can order customs  here .

But as I said, if you never ran a sub, DON’T DO IT. If you want to learn HOW to do that, join us  here.

If you want to start out with wealth subs to set up your mind as I do, check out  Ecstacy of Gold .

Other ones are here.

This is THE first and MOST important step, because it sets up my mind properly towards wealth, business, and long-term planning. On autopilot.

2- Clear direction / focus

I recently re-activated  my Twitter account  and will be back to posting there daily.

I abandoned the account a year ago when I went fully into Youtube.

Which is a pattern (as you can tell) I went through.

Build something, and then drop it.

It’s  subconscious self-sabotage .

Basically, your subconscious belief system doesn’t align with the success you have, thus you sabotage yourself without realizing it (for example, switching platforms all the time).

I realized this the hard way.

Thus, considering the power of Twitter (after Elon bought it) most are sleeping on, I will bring this back as the initial point to test ideas.

This is powerful to know for you.

Not only is Twitter great to collaborate with other great guys and girls, but it’s also a superb testing ground.

Just send a tweet about an idea and see how it pans out.

Much better than spending days on a Youtube video, nobody cares about.

In that sense, this email list will be the main long-form content after Twitter. Youtube the main video content.

Subscribe to my Newsletter

 Follow me on Twitter 

 Subscribe on YouTube 

Remember these 3 platforms, this is where you find my best stuff.

On top of that, I will remove a bunch of Youtube videos (specifically the sexual stuff) and focus strictly on mindset via subliminal messaging, mindset in general, self-improvement, online business.

This is what I started with.

This is what I always loved to talk about.

I was lost along the path for many reasons. Lost sight of my purpose. But now I am back fully.

The lesson for you is simple.

Narrow down your focus. You don’t to be super niched down, I don’t believe in that, but people need to know what you’re on about when they follow you.

3- Systems

I will be using Twitter to test ideas. How well they resonate.

Then I turn a good idea into an email.

-> turn it into a blog post (like this one)

-> turn it into a Twitter thread

-> turn it into smaller tweets

-> turn the small tweets into IG posts

-> turn the email into a Youtube video

-> make clips of the video for IG Reels, TikTok, YT Shorts

-> turn the audio into a podcast episode

This way I used one idea to populate ALL the platforms, without thinking about it.

Just simple execution.

Systems are POWERFUL.

4- Streamline products

It’s kinda logical, but it still needs mentioning.

Your products need to align with what you talk about on a daily basis.

I will remove that and anything that doesn’t align soon. My own your shit book might stay because it sells well, but I might change it up to be more general.

My coaching was about the dream wife in the past, remember?

Yeah, great misguidance from a bad mentor.

Driven by greed, not by purpose.

The coaching will be fully streamlined into the same ideas as my business: mindset, life improvement, selfconquering, dealing with traumas, shadow work, to ACTIVATE life ( much like the community already is )

Plus, everything will be focused around my experiences, lessons, knowledge.

Nobody wants to hear “how to build an online business” because everyone talks about this already.

What’s interesting is, “how I PLAN to build my online business” (get this post now? ;)) You can relate to it. It’s an actual person, not just some teaching as in school.

5- Free, free, free

I always had an issue with giving out too much  free content  because I KNOW, from experience (my own as well as looking at the backend stats of my free products) that people don’t act on free stuff.

It’s just mental masturbation.

I see SO MUCH more success with people in  my coaching  if they have to pay $3k. Because then they’ll actually PUT IN THE WORK.


big however there

This is not for me to judge.

If it’s your way of mentally masturbating with free content, so be it. Eventually you will wake up to it as I did.

But this is your path.

So a lot more free content will be coming, and only a few products will be paid. The main focus will always be my  personal group .

The coaching will always be with very limited spots, because I simply don’t have the time.

Want to get this wisdom right into your Inbox? Enter your best email and hit “Join!” to get a bonus!

6- Loyal friends

Follower count doesn’t mean shit.

I have 14,000 followers on Twitter, but not many friends on there. Some moved to my very email list, but still.

What you (and I) want are loyal followers that are interested in EVERYTHING you offer.

For me, Dan Koe is such a guy. I suck up all his content.

Don’t focus on numbers, focus on connection.

7- Yeah, numbers do matter

As much as I hate to admit it, numbers DO matter to an extent.

See, if you want your business to succeed, you have to think about it like a business.

Now, don’t focus on money solely, I mentioned this in a  recent mail .

But some basic maths are important to create goals.

For example, right now my personal group ALC is $7/month.

Once I updated the new Revealer and landing page, this will go to $20/month because  there’s SO MUCH in it .

If I want to make $1,000/month from this alone, I need 50 members. That’s pretty easy.

If I want to make $5,000/month, I need 250 members.

Also doable, but takes a bit more effort.

This is of course, before taxes.

Still, some basic math is necessary to give you a goal where you want to go. This way, it’s in your mind. Your subconscious mind and will eventually become real.

The key part is to NOT be discouraged when you’re not there yet.

It might just take a while to get there.

If you truly want your business to sustain your future life, crunching a bunch of numbers is inevitable.

But then again, this is a lot more fun than filing taxes 😉

Outside of that,  GROUNDED  will become the MAIN course once redone (free updates if you get it now), also with a higher price tag. The King Spirit will be ENTIRELY redone into a mindset masterclass with SO MUCH content that I’ll sell it for at least $300. But that’s far down the road.

Outside of that, I am also the affiliate manager for SubliminalClub, so if you want to affiliate for their products,  apply here .

This is also where I will create another income in the future.

That’s the plan.

I hope it helped and contained a lot of value for your own business and plans.

If you have any questions or suggestions, fire away!

See you soon,

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