How To Build A Winning Twitter Profile

Always go personal brand.

Forget anon accounts.

They might still work, and I’ve seen it, but the majority of people go with their face and name these days.

Gamers are still a bit late on that, but especially if you stream, people know you anyway.

Put your fucking face on your profile.

⚠️ If you already have a gamer-tag people know you by, use this in your handle, like shroud.

how to create a winning twitter profile shroud

As you can tell, he uses his real name as his name, and “shroud” as his Twitter handle.

However, if NOBODY knows your real name, you can also use your gamer tag in the name.

Still, I would go with being more personal.

If your Twitter handle is already taken, you can use “Iam” or “thereal” or “the” in front.

Profile Picture

Shroud above has been using this image for ages. It’s funny and kinda shows his quirky nature, WHILE still showing his face.

I, personally, chose a more serious one:

how to create a winning twitter profile 1

This is up to you.

But it should definitely show your face.

You can also use a comic version:

how to create a winning twitter profile dexxter
how to create a winning twitter profile cozy

Still, it should be a resemblance of your face and/or what you look like.

For example, I think Dekkster should use his real face because he is a streamer and people know him anyway.

The Main Target Action 🎯

Before we dive deeper, we need to be clear on one thing:

What is the main action you want a visitor to do on your profile?

When you visit a profile, you scroll a bit, maybe you follow, but at best, you click ONE link.

What shall it be?

In my case, my entire goal with my profile is for people to click my homepage link. On there, the only goal is for them to sign up for my newsletter.

In my newsletter, I OWN my audience.

Twitter, YouTube, Twitch, they can always ban you. Nobody can ban the email addresses you gathered.

And you’re RIGHT in their Inbox.

Therefore, the only link I have on my profile is:

how to create a winning twitter profile 3

Link to my homepage.

Generally, throughout Twitter I only ever send this one link.

⚠️ My Youtube, Twitch, and Instagram, they are ALL FUNNELS

Funnels to get people on my email list (are you one of them? 😉 )

Maybe you want everyone to be on your Twitch channel.

And in the beginning, I would recommend that.

So the only link you offer is Twitch.

Nothing else.

KNOW the target action your visitor should take!

The Twitter Banner

As you can tell by the examples above, people are not utilizing this.

⚠️ The banner should tell the visitor of your profile what you are about visually.

My case is obvious.

WealthyGamer. I help you monetize your passion(s).

Clear, and to the point.

Many gamers just put a banner of their favorite game. This ALSO works because other gamers know immediately what you’re about.

Still, humans are visual, so if you can add a clear line or maybe a Twitch logo to make clear what you are about, this helps.


180 characters.

That’s what you have.

⚠️ The Bio is THE ONLY WAY to really catch a visitor’s attention.

Dekkster from above still needs work.

While I get the links to his content, I don’t REALLY know what he is about.

I can guess from the profile and the banner that he plays games. But maybe not the one I like. I don’t even notice Marvel Snap right away.

Cozy at least put in “Marvel Snapper & Energetic Variety Content.”

Personally, I would leave out the latter because people come to you for a specific reason. Give em that reason.

So here’s a simple structure if you can’t come up with a bio:

  1. One line What you do/who you are
  2. One line what the VIEWER GETS
  3. One line that makes you unique

Or you combine them into one, see my profile:

how to create a winning twitter profile 1
  1. Gamer and Business Guru, implied by the second sentence
  2. What does the visitor get? How to become rich while still playing games
  3. Unique spin: Using the subconscious mind (subliminal messaging)

My main target for the profile is to get people on my email list, so this is my only link:

Join 800+ Winners in the location part and then the link with the signup.

Now, for gamers, this is a bit different because you want people to find your content straight away.

For dekkster, I would recommend putting a linktree in the link and mention “YT and Twitch” in the location.


If people have too many options, they often end up clicking NONE.

⚠️ Learn human psychology and you’ll make a shitton of money.

Also, once they clicked on the linktree link, they are already “engaged” again, remember? You got them to click. The first hurdle jumped.

The Pinned Tweet

You can pin ONE tweet on your profile to always be at the top of it.

This is the last chance you have to convert someone.

Most people check a profile, some scroll down a bit, but the majority check the bio and pinned tweet. If they like it → follow. If they don’t, meh.

⚠️ The pinned tweet is simple: ADD VALUE.

In the case of a streamer, I highly recommend pinning a tweet that worked well with your audience (lots of engagement) and was entertaining.

After all, you’re an entertainer, so this is the main reason people follow.

In my case:

how to build a winning twitter profile 4

Adding tons of value with a thread where I explain how to start a Twitter business with $0. Yes, it’s possible.

This might change in the future for a more gaming related thread.

The pinned tweet isn’t set in stone, but make sure it adds value.

Threads are best, especially if they’re funny.

At the end, add such a tweet:

how to create a winning twitter profile 5

If someone reads through the entire thread, they’re more likely to follow and click whichever link you want them to.

This tweet is auto-generated with Hypefury.

This was the first step.

The Twitter profile.

Check out EZ Twitter Money on how to GROW on Twitter fast with a simple 30-5-3-1 method.

See you then,

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