How to Escape Modern Slavery (My Plan)

In  last week’s post  I talked about how I plan to succeed with online business.

But this is, of course, only an extension of what we REALLY want to achieve. So how to escape modern slavery?

Look around you.

The people on a daily basis, the media, the general average joe.

Look at their life, specifically the outputs.

What do they get?

  • Living paycheck to paycheck
  • having to bend over for their bosses
  • Not being able to live their talents and monetize them
  • Unfulfilling work
  • Surface level relationships and sex
  • Manipulation and control in their friendships
  • Numbing their brain with porn, videogames, alcohol

We could go on.

Maybe some things rang true with your current existence.

Understand one thing: none of this is THEIR fault (or yours).

There is this test that was conducted with children to test for geniuses.

Basically, what they do is ask the participants to name different use cases for an object. Like a shoe.

An adult can name about 10-15 different use cases (like wearing it, throwing it, etc)

A child at the age of 5, can name about 200!

This is what is considered being a genius. Creative thinking. Out of the box thinking. Innovation.

At the age of 10, those SAME KIDS could name about 100.

When they were 15, it was down to 30-50.

When they were adults, it was down to 10.

What happened?


Contrary to popular belief, school is NOT designed to educate you. It is designed to phaze you into a certain direction.

Being a worker drone for the corporate world.

Everything you learn in 13 years of school can be learned in 150 hours.

And none of it is REALLY useful for later life. Well, maybe a bit.

This is the modern slavery.

Slavery was never abolished. It’s just not physical anymore. It is mental.

Why is escaping it necessary?

Interestingly enough, even after what I just mentioned, people STILL argue with me on this.

Well, the programming is deep.

Things like, “Well, some never become a genius anyway, even if they don’t go to school” and other comforting lies.

Of course, some people are not that bright.

But how is this an excuse for yourself to not pursue greatness?

Again, people learn to love their chains.

The point is freedom.

We all love freedom, don’t we?

But not many of us ARE free.

And this can be spun both ways. Some super successful millionaires aren’t free either. They might not have monetary issues, but they can never take rest from their business, ever.

That’s just a different form of slavery.

So what do we want?

Monetizing our purpose, a business that is fun and engaging, but pays ENOUGH for us to escape wage slavery and ENJOY LIFE.

After all, we only have this one life (as this being I should say)

But just sitting on a beach won’t make you happy.

You need something to do.

Something that moves yourself and people ( you can find that here ).

So, it is a necessity, no… a DUTY for you to become financially independent and FREE.

How Money Works

A basic understanding of this is important before we go deeper.

It’s simple:

  • Renting out your time (this is what you do right now. Coaching is the same, just with a much higher price tag and you enjoy doing it)
  • Building once, selling multiple (assets (writing a book once, selling it million times,  courses , etc). This is the first step to freedom because you make money while you sleep
  • Investing (do this once you have cash flow. Don’t invest $50. This is another passive form which is much slower)
  • Instruct people to make you money (building an agency. Once you’ve built a big enough following to sort “retire out of it” you can sell a brand, etc and keep passive income from that)

From the first to fourth, this is how you advance on this ladder.

The biggest step is the second.

Moving from renting out your time (which is limited) to building once and selling it INFINITE times without much effort.

A Showcase on how to do it

So here is my plan on how to do it.

 If you haven’t read  (or  watched ) last weeks email, do so now, because it covers how I build my business, which is, of course, a key part of this.

  1. Keep running my  Ecstacy of Gold  custom subliminal to create and dive deeper into the necessary mindset of being free. Especially stage 1 is focused around that.
  2. Right now, the 9-5 isn’t even paying enough to sustain the lifestyle properly. So I am currently building a skill to maximize my income this way. Yes, this is a key thing many miss. Online business might take time. If you’re currently tight on money,  make more money  traditionally first. So your mind is free to focus on your business. Build skills you can sell by switching your job. Or switch within the company to make more, etc.
  3. Keep enough for your yearly payments. For me, those are $2,5k. People forget about those. Summarize all your expenses that pile up over the year and save that money.
  4. Build a financial cushion. For me, this is $30k. With this money in the bank, I can survive quite some time without income even. If you don’t have a financial cushion, you are constantly in survival mode. This is VERY taxing on your mind, mood, and relationships. Free yourself there first.
  5. After you have the cushion, focus on paying off initial smaller debts (with tall interest). Rule of thumb, if the interest is higher than the current inflation, pay that off first.
  6. Make 150% of your yearly income (including bonuses), have 6 months to a years worth of salary in your bank account (with taxes priced in) and THEN quit your job. If you have responsibilities,  like a family and a house , you can’t just quit with your first $10k coaching client. Online business can be fluctuating. In my case, this means at least $150k/year and at least $75k in the bank. At this point I feel comfortable quitting and retiring my wife.
  7. I am currently moving Selfconquering more into a personal brand. My name will be the main driving force for income. But eventually I want to build other brands underneath my name. Which I can sell. So, the key is: focus on one business until it is profitable. Don’t start 5 at once. Do iterations. Always one, then the next. Again, how I plan to do this here.
  8. Think of the end goal. Be driven by  purpose , not by money. Money is a tool you use to become a creator and do things on your terms. You don’t do it for the money, you do it for the freedom.

The last part is what I remind myself of every day.

It’s not about the money.

It’s about sending a message.

Quite… literally.

It is designed to sustain my ENTIRE life until I die.

And it should be for you.

But, do you have such a plan?

Or are you just “trying to make money” to get out of it?

This gets you nowhere.

This plan above gives me direction.



Daily goals.



All you need to keep you going.

Make one for yourself.

Use my template above, fill in your own numbers and get going.

Use the EZ Life Planner to plan and remind yourself daily.

Escape the wage slavery.

It is your duty.

Because ONLY THEN, will you be able to TRULY, FREELY give to other people.

But to give PURELY, you first need to be selfish.

You cannot pour from an empty cup.

See you around,

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