How to Finally Quit Addictions

There are millions of ways out there on how to quit addictions.

You probably read all of them.

You’ve, you’ve seen it all, but you are on this video because none of them worked or you relapsed and you’re still back. And the reason is very simple. There is one key thing you’ve been missing so far, or nobody told you, like in my case, that is stopping you from finally getting rid of whatever addiction you have.

And this is true for any addiction. Doesn’t matter what it is. So let’s finally solve that problem.

I had an issue for the longest time, which is porn, right?

Like most men these days, we are exposed to porn at the age between 10 and 15. And then we have way too many “sexual encounters” with it over our life that completely ruins our mind.

So I tried to get off of this for ages, really ever since I was like 20-ish. And with whatever I tried it just didn’t work. And I never realized why.

And you know how much your addiction actually ruins your life. Like even if it’s porn or smoking or just tv, video games, sex even. These kind of things are all addictions because…

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