How to Manage Business, 9-5, Kids, Wife, and Sex

How to juggle all these balls?

How to succeed on all these realms (except the shitty 9-5 I guess).

In all seriousness.

We want to master all areas, or at least learn how to not fail hard at your 9-5 and be fired while you need it to feed your family while you build your business.

I am in this situation myself, so I can give you some guidance on how I do it.

The first most important part, as always, is: Mindset.

Specifically around business.


For the longest time, I tried ALL the get rich quick schemes, left and right to make money quick, including setting up a lingerie shopify store, because I thought sex sells.

Well, sure it does, but the sex sells area is also very saturated. So you run into the same issues like any other business on how to position yourself uniquely.

As weird as it sounds, in my War Room times I heard from other guys, that even running an OnlyFans is not that easy.

You can’t just put your girl naked on camera and make thousands. Simply, because there are millions of girls doing this 😉

Anyway, so building your business takes time.

This is important, because it takes pressure off of you and also removes resentment.

I was resentful and secretly mad at my family back in the days when they wanted to spend time with me (crazy, right?) because I thought every damn minute counts to build the business.

This is the Toxic Hustle Culture you see everywhere online.

It’s a lie and ruins your life.

If you have a family, even “work hard, play hard” doesn’t apply, since you can’t just ditch for 3 months to build your empire and then come 3 months back to chill with the fam.

If you see people rising FAST to success (like Tate and other celebrities), REST ASSURED they were pushed to get there quickly and sold their soul in the process.

Your business will be GRADUAL improvement.

To build ANYTHING sustainable, you need 5-10 years. Some people mention this online, but not enough.

With IT guys (I am a programmer yknow), there is this saying:

“You can’t use 10 women to make a baby in 1 month”

This is commonly used when people want you to solve your programming issues by throwing more people at it.

That doesn’t do anything.

Same with your business.

First, you likely don’t have the money to hire 100 people to work on your business, and secondly, it doesn’t do anything.

If you build a house with 1 person, it takes forever. With 20 people, it’s likely done in a week. With 100 people it – again – takes forever.

To make a long story short: Your business WILL take years to REALLY bear fruits.

You might get some initial wins, but give it time.

Enjoy the process.

Don’t think of the end too much.

Learn to GET there.

“Stop hoping for a completion of anything in life” –David Deida

Think about it, your business will never be “done,” right?

I know you’re aiming for financial freedom, but you don’t know when this happens. So enjoy the process until you get there.

For this, you should’ve already received the Vision Visualizer Notion Template. If not, click here.

This solves your mindset issues for the other things:

I work on my business in the morning when I find the time, or after the 9-5, then I spend time with my family. And in the evening with my wife.

How to Make Time for Business?

So what you need to look into is to figure out where you can set up blocks of time. The 9-5, of course, takes up a lot of time, then you gotta figure out:

When can I spare 2 hours in my day to work on the business?

Before work? After work?

In the evening?

You can also ask yourself other questions:

Should I switch jobs to one that has better working hours?

Is there a 9-5 job that could support my goal with my business?

And the most important thing is: DO NOT USE your business in the early years to fund your mistakes in your home.

As in, I bought things (mortgage etc) I couldn’t actually cover with the 9-5, so my business NEEDED to make money to pay for that.


Because this puts a lot of pressure on your business, and thus you focus on making money with it, instead of creating impact.

And only the latter will actually MAKE money.

Avoid this mistake of mine.

The Relationship Sanctuary

Your relationship at home needs to be a sanctuary for you to come home to.

Your working at the 9-5, working hard on your business, if you have a lot of shit at home to deal with, your successes will fall flat!

Your girl needs to respect the time you set by for your business!

How do you get your woman to respect you and your time?

Be good in bed. Connect with her emotions. Talk about issues.

Yes, it’s shallow, I know. But honestly, this is what I noticed over years.

If she is sexually satisfied, life at home is MUCH easier.

You can even “skip” the other two things, as long as you fuck properly.

Well, this can be a slippery slope (pun intended), so if you wanna be on the safe side, do all 3.

How to be good in bed?

It’s honestly simple.

You don’t need to carry a huge schlong and pound her for 3 hours. Forget porn.

Most women are completely satisfied with one orgasm per sex session. And this DOESN’T have to be via penetration.

For MANY years in my relationship with my now wife, we had sex twice a week-ish, I either ate her out to orgasm, or fingered her afterwards to it, with penetration in between and it was all good.

Well satisfied, the relationship was going well.

(These days I have higher goals, but yknow 😉 )

If you need help to last longer and/or other sexual issues, check this out.

How to show your love and connect deeply?

Being vulnerable.

This needs confidence on your part.

You love her, right? But potentially, you don’t show it as much. And your girl just follows suit.

A sexual example: You want her to truly let herself go in bed, and moan and scream?

Are you letting yourself go?

I don’t mean screaming, but ARE YOU truly in the moment, enjoying her, embracing her?

Same with emotions outside of bed. If you’re not being open with her, she cannot be open with you. Connect to you.

You’re the man, you lead this at all times.

Set up one day each week where you have an “open-heart time.” I also mentioned this in the EZ Life Planner.

ONE thing for each of you, what you want to talk about, mention, open your heart, needs, feelings, etc. Can be simple, can be tough talk.

My wife and I do this each week, and it TRULY helps to go deep and have tough conversations (part 3). It can even just open up a gateway to deeper talks you have been avoiding.

Sex, Emotion, Talk.

Simple, honestly.

If you have this covered, your wife is satisfied, you have the sanctuary at home, you can focus on raising your kids together as a team, sex-life thrives, you’re satisfied, and you have time to work on your business to

eventually escape the slavery (as mentioned above).

Don’t skip these steps!

Hope this helped.

Remember to join ALC to understand the dark side of reality.

Until then,

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