How to Unleash the Missing 95% of Your Subconscious Mind

“First I was blind, but now I could see,” he said after taking the drug to illuminate the world around him.

Most people walk around dead asleep. But it’s not the wokeness I want to cover today. You run on 5% of your subconscious power.

And I will give you the knowledge and tools to unleash the other 95%. To succeed with anything you imagine, even changing reality.

Ain’t that a bold claim? 😉

The Power of the Subconscious Mind

Here’s a small track record:

  • I manifested $5,000 in cold coins out of nowhere.
  • My wife suddenly stood in red hot lingerie in the kitchen
  • I got a blowjob from her out of nowhere
  • I received a raise at work without even asking for it
  • Big (100k+ to 1m+ followers) accounts got in contact with me

In the Limitless movie with Bradley Cooper, they talk about the “fact” that we only use 5% of our brain’s capacity.

And they almost are right.

It’s not intelligence or general use of the brain that is lacking.

We only use 5% because we only use the conscious mind.

Not the subconscious.

The subconscious mind drives 95% of your daily decisions, actions, words you say, thoughts you have, and emotions you create.

how the subconscious mind works

If you look at the subconscious part of the image, you see:

  • Habits
  • Creativity
  • Imagination
  • Beliefs
  • Fears

These 5 alone shape your entire future.

  • Daily habits decide what you do each day
  • Creativity is how you tackle problems and how you come up with ideas
  • Imagination/visualization is how you manifest reality
  • Beliefs are what drive you to do or don’t do things
  • Fears stop you from doing things and thus also shape your future (for example, fear of failure keeps you from starting your own business and as a result keeps you in the slavery you are in right now)

And this is just a small fraction of the subconscious.

How to Influence the Subconscious Mind

The subconscious runs almost entirely on emotions, imagery, and symbolism.

(This is why any company has a logo these days. It gets into your subconscious easier and stays there. Also why images work better to get a point across (long-term memory) and why memes work so well)

Yet, there is the conscious filter.

When you read or watch something, your conscious mind is alert and awake. Considering if you want to believe this right away or throw it in the trash.

This is helpful. Imagine yourself readily accepting everything you see and read.

I mean, some people are like that 😉

But generally, not a healthy approach.

Plus, humans don’t like change.

Because any change means going into the unknown, which could mean danger.

The human body and the ego are designed to keep you surviving on this planet.

Anything that means danger or a threat is not something you go right into.

What you already know is secure and safe.

Thus the conscious filter is trying to keep you secure and safe by not changing your beliefs too much.

We’re weird creatures, aren’t we?

(I also want you to not start hating your conscious mind or the ego because of it. I’ve been there, not helpful 😀 It has the best intentions for you)

Thus, you influence your subconscious mind by bypassing the conscious filter.

What is Subliminal Messaging?

There are different versions of Subliminal Messaging. For today, we stick with audio.

You will hear a trickling water sound.

And that’s it.

Nothing else.

Within that trickling water, the scripting, and the words, are interwoven.

You can’t consciously hear what’s going on, but the subconscious mind can.

As you can already tell, this needs a belief in things higher than the physical.

So here is an image of what our eyes can actually perceive:

visible spectrum of the eyes

We can’t even see 90% of what’s around us visually.

But you know you can feel someone’s presence, right?

When someone in a shitty mood walks into a room, you pick it up immediately, right?

Dogs are also a good barometer for this.

Thus, Subliminal Messaging goes straight into your subconscious mind.

In other words, with this technology, it is possible to set up 95% of your behaviors in a manner you decide.

In a manner, that is positive and good for you.

To create the lifestyle you desire.

Just by listening to an MP3 File.

Think again of the things I managed above with this tech I’ve been running for years now.

Can you see why I keep shilling it everywhere? 😉

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Is It Dangerous? What is in Subliminal Messaging?

This depends on what company you choose to get your subliminals from.

I mean, you are directly reshaping your inner belief system.

You wouldn’t want that from me.

Thus, the company in question uses specific free-will scripting.

They tested it and found that you cannot force the subconscious mind into submission.

(Hence why mind control is not a thing, the CIA tested it cruelly in the past)

In these subs, all you’ll find are suggestions. Plus free-will scripting. With this, the subconscious can decide to ignore parts of it.

No negative scripting from society and peers. Or even yourself in the form of limiting beliefs from past traumas. Instead, you get positive scripting from the subs.

Good and successful suggestions for your subconscious to work with. So it says, “Alright, let us try this direction.”

And, well, I can attest to how well this works!

It changed my life massively.

Not just external results like sex or a bigger dick (yes, they have a sub for that 😉 ) and money, but the internal landscape is a 180 turn.

Positive, grateful, and loving, while being confident, resistant, strong, and powerful.

It’s the most self-empowering thing there is.

And it is entirely safe. Because it’s no different than if you would put yourself in a positive environment and work through all these things yourself.

Just WAY faster.

We’re talking weeks over years.

You can do 1 year of self-improvement in 1 week to 1 month with these subs.

I’ve been through 5+ years and 500 journal pages of self-improvement in 1 year.

Truly insane.

So, here are the best subs to get going with your specific issues (and there’s way more info if you click the link):

  • Ascended Mogul: Break wealth beliefs, manifest money, and become the alpha
  • Emperor: Build an Empire, Manifest money and sex, build your body, become a leader
  • BDLM: Physical shifting to get a bigger dick (yes, seriously)
  • Diamond: Create a sexual aura she can’t resist. Overcome premature ejaculation and ED. A sex god.
  • Genesis: Find your Purpose in Life, Build a Business Around it (I use this in my purpose course Grounded (and how to use it))

And many more. They have about 60 products, out of which I own almost all.

Stop creeping around on 5%. Unleash the 95%, run on all cylinders! Speed up your success to months, instead of years!

See you soon,


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