Have Your Needs Met, Without Becoming an A**

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4.7 by 800+ customers

What People Are Saying

"I did it! 6 months no porn and no fap. Feeling great, clear mind, clear conscious. Best thing I've overcome. Thanks for your help and insight."
Mark, Bukarest
"I have spent $7.5k in mentorships and nothing worked. I paid $20 on your book and it seriously changed the way I see myself and how I value my life. All the self-development courses and books won't help. Only a man whose been through it like you will tell you the truth."
Sultan, Arabia
"I wanted to say thank you. I finished your book last week. I've had no alcohol or porn in 10 days. I've been exercising everyday. I can already see signs of improvement in my relationship with my significant other. Your book is awesome as well as your other content. Thank you for your hard work. Keep it up!"
Garrett, Texas

4.7 by 800+ customers

One Simple Mindset Shift, a Multitude of BIG Changes for Your Life.

Imagine getting the Marriage You Want. Great Sex, Love, Submissive Wife, Admiration, Respect.

Here’s a secret.

That is totally possible, for anyone of us.

  • If you want to have great hot sex, even years into your marriage…
  • If you want to stop worrying about bills coming in…
  • If you want actionable advice on HOW to get all these things…
  • If you want your dreams to come true…
  • If you finally want to have control over your (sex-)life…


Then it is my pleasure to teach you the ONE method that has worked for hundreds of men and still works for me.

Everything Changes When You Know How to Take Control of Your Life

  • Set your mind up right about women and sex, by unlearning a lot of shit you have been conditioned with, and learning how to do it right.
  • Learn how to be a leader, to lead yourself, and then be able to lead others to do what you want.
  • Create a fantastic marriage, by unleashing your masculinity, which will make your wife much more feminine, everywhere, including sex.
  • Have mindblowing sex, by discovering what YOU have been doing wrong for so long, and how to do it right.
  • Receive a constant stream of love and admiration from your wife, kids, family, and friends, because you finally are a man to be reckoned with.


In the end, you’ll get an action plan with over 60 questions you never asked yourself, which will be the setup for your new life.


4.7 by 800+ customers

Here's What You Will Learn

  • Why owning your shit is the only method that works and how
  • Why struggle and adversity are to be sought out, not avoided if you want to achieve anything
  • Why your masculinity is important to be cultivated to get what you want
  • The mental model of The Oak, and why you need to shut your trap
  • How to find your purpose in life, with an example from me
  • Wrong mindsets you need to get rid of, how to, and what to replace them with
  • How covert contracts are ruining your (sex)-life
  • How you get the body you want, gym routines, and diet plans
  • How to fix your spending, how to make more money, how to quit your job
  • What is the Frame and why is it the absolute basis of everything?
  • How to be a proper leader (wife, sex, kids, job)
  • A visual example of why your marriage went down the drain, and a mental model you can recall any time you do something wrong to stop this from happening in the future
  • How to have steaming hot sex even after years of being married
  • How to be the husband any woman wants
  • Mistakes to be aware of when you are conquering yourself
  • A ton of mindset traps to avoid
  • Over 60 questions for ANY area of your life to determine who you ACTUALLY are
  • An actual 3-step process on how to achieve what you want
  • General everyday advice on how to meet your milestones
  • A plan on how to stop your porn-addiction, and why it is detrimental (it ruins everything in your life, including your gym gains)

4.7 by 800+ customers

"Do I Really Need This?"

I know how you feel. I’ve been there. You’re not exactly living a bad life, but it’s also not really what you want, right? Maybe you have a somewhat decent job, but you still can’t buy what you dream of.

You have a beautiful, cute wife, but sex just isn’t what it could be?

You have free time to do stuff, but binging Netflix still feels somewhat empty?

There is a solution to all of this. All of it is fixed with the same answer. But before we can have an answer, we need a question.

What Do You Want Out Of Your Life?

Have you ever asked yourself? What do you really want? 

  • Money?
  • Sex? (rekindle it with your wife?)
  • Success?
  • Wisdom?
  • Freedom?


That’s a bit vague, but I feel you. You only have a rough outline of what would be “cool.”

All of it can be achieved. Don’t believe the lies that you need to be “lucky” or have a “talent”, be born rich or all that claptrap. That’s just blaming the universe for your own lack of responsibility.

Stop giving away power over your life by blaming others!

You Can Have All Of These Things

All of them only take one thing: Owning your shit.

This book will teach you how to conquer your life, money, women, success, spirituality, whatever you want. By becoming a great man.

Because blaming others is pointless. You cannot change other people. You just can’t. Period.

But you can change your approach to them, and yourself. THAT is what nets you from life what you want. And this book will teach you HOW to go about this with a plan.


4.7 by 800+ customers

Open Your Eyes

This book uses some tough language to hammer one message into your mind. 

Everything you have in your life right now is due to your decisions! 

But don’t mourn your weak former self. I teach you how to overcome that and build the life you always wanted.

Maybe you are like my former self:

  • Weak (physically, as well as mentally)
  • Shit sex-life with the wife
  • Bad with women
  • Money fleeting out of your life
  • People don’t respect you
  • Don’t have the things you want

Now I have all these things. Sex-life with the wife returned fully (even better), I make money online, I am physically strong and dominant, and people pay respect.

How did I do it? I owned my shit!

"I Know, Alexander!"

Maybe you already know that you’re the source of your shortcomings. The source of all your problems. But you don’t know how to go about it?

Or you believe it is already done. Your mistakes are your life now.

Utter bullshit, my weak friend.

All you do is searching for excuses to not get shit done!

This book contains a workbook, the so-called Treasure Map with which you set up a proper plan for your life. 

Step by step I will show you how to get your life from Chaos to Order.


4.7 by 800+ customers

Gain Control Over Your Mind

Your thought patterns, your self-talk, and how to attract positivity into your life.

But most importantly, I will teach you how to be at peace with yourself.

How to get the life you truly want. A peaceful mind is a glorious mind.

You need to conquer yourself before you can conquer the world.

Get yourself in order, before you try to change the world.

All I offer is the truth. Do you want to keep living in the Matrix, or do you want to see how deep the rabbit hole goes?

"Does This Really Work?"

Yes, this isn’t some woo-woo I just came up with. This approach has worked on hundreds of men to rekindle their sex-life, make money, and generally turn loser men into proper warriors.

It is all my own experience and from the men who’ve been through it. Nothing in this book is made-up. It’s all proven methods.

You don’t need to spend your own time to figure out how to go about fixing your life. I have it all covered in this book.


it only works IF you apply the knowledge in this book! Just reading it won’t fix your life, which is the premise of the title “Own your shit.”

If you read it, you will need to go out and do what you set out to do. But then, success is guaranteed!

What Are You Waiting For?

Are you gonna keep doing nothing? Just watching as a bystander as your life passes by? Or are you going to own your shit? Take action and BUILD the life you always wanted?


4.7 by 800+ customers