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While I was taking my wife on the office desk, right next to the laptop I am writing these lines on, I had a realization:

You have to be willing to throw it all overboard.

I guess this was pre-right-before-post-nut-clarity.

Or something like that.

In our case, the sex life went up and down throughout our marriage.

And every time it happened, I thought back to the time (not just in the beginning) when everything worked great.

And she was all on fire for it.

I was dialed in.

You get the idea without TMI.

I caught myself romanticizing the past often. Many men do this when it comes to sex.

It took me many years to realize that this very romanticizing stops you from achieving your desired future.

In clean English:

The more you think back, the less you think forward.

The more energy you spend on the past, the less you have for building your future.

Only when I let go of the past.

Who she was, who I was. What our sex life was.

This is when a new version of both of us and our connection emerged.

And this is when we randomly have a quickie on the office desk next to a laptop I was writing on while she is “busy” in her home office.

Because I let go of the past, there was finally room for a new self.

A new being.

“Congrats on the sex, Alex. But why does this matter?”


I did the same with my business.

Many times over already.

And while I alienated some of you and had big unsubscribe numbers, a few loyal souls stuck around to see my progress.

However, this is where I realized something:

When it comes to your business, any business, any growth or success, you have to be willing to throw it all overboard.

You know I started with

  • mindset and self-improvement
  • which turned into masculinity
  • which turned into sex and relationships
  • which turned into marital coaching
  • which turned into spirituality

And now, I am again, at a crossroads in my life, where I throw everything overboard and rebrand again.

This time is different, though.

Because it covers all these topics from a different lens.

I have decided to simply share my own journey, instead of trying to portray myself as an expert on something.

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And the journey I’ve always been on is:

Letting go of the past.

And building something completely anew.

And this is why I NEED you to unsubscribe.

Unless this path, the new direction, truly aligns with you.

If you want to know how to build the (subconscious) mind to succeed with online business, parenting, including dad jokes, and everything that comes with it like Shadow Work, Mindset, and Confidence.

Yes, no more sexual stuff (except like the above to get a point across), no more masculinity talk, marriage, etc.

No hard feelings if we part ways, you certainly find people that fit better.

But this is who I am.

This is what I do.

Yes, if I were to stick out a topic for years, I’d be rich already.

But I needed this time to figure out where I belong.

And helping men to escape wage slavery clearly is something near and dear to my heart.

Because I do it every day.

For anyone leaving: wish you all the best, sincerely!

For anyone staying: prepare for greatness! Which starts with this: The Activated Life Community will bounce from $7/month to $15/month on THURSDAY.

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See you soon,

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