Retirement Is A Lie

The majority of people work towards retirement all their life. But if you look deeper into this pyramid scheme you’ll notice that retirement is a lie (at least, given by the state).

You know, working your whole life to retire at some point and finally reap the rewards of your work is the “life-plan” most have.

Too bad it doesn’t work like that. You will never retire, and you shouldn’t actually want to do that. Here’s why

Why you will never retire

People think you need to put in X amount of work, and then you’re done.

Quite apart from the fact that this is pretty naive, considering the current workplace situations, pensions, and governments. Unless you want to live slightly above homeless status.

So, the life that you’ve been sold in commercials and pop culture media doesn’t exist. You don’t retire and can then finally live your life.

Because you don’t have any money left. And no energy. If you eat properly and exercise, you will probably still be quite fit at 70. But nowhere near the levels of energy at 30 or 40. So why would you waste your best years and then finally live when you’re almost dead?

“Because that’s how it is.”

The predisposed life set up for you

See, you believe in this shit (and I did for the longest) time because we’re indoctrinated with this from the youngest age.

You go to school, to work, to have free time afterward. Then you go to work, to have free time in retirement. You put in the work in your relationship, so you can reap the rewards later.

This pattern repeats itself everywhere.

But weirdly, all these people are still miserable. Not only do retired people not have any money left to even do anything. They are ill from eating the wrong food, not exercising, and because they finally wake up to the lie they’ve been told for decades.

My mother worked her whole life, is now retired, and has no assets that generate money.

She only receives a pension, which is actually less each year due to inflation. So, the longer she lives, the less money she actually has. Great, right?

The lie of Retirement

Now, there is a lot of bullshit in that life we’re told. But the biggest is probably the concept of retirement itself.

Back in the days, people never retired. You worked until you couldn’t work anymore. Physically. And you hoped to have your kids set up properly so they can take care of your farm, business, whatever.

But the big difference was, that people didn’t aim to finally live their life when they retire. They knew these were the last relaxing moments before death. They lived their life before that.

This is mostly due to the fact that people didn’t live in such a crazy excess as we do today. Back then a man was happy with proper work, wife, kids, and building something of worth. These days, you need a Lamborghini, a huge mansion, $10,000 worth of travel each year, and the newest clothes.

That’s the lifestyle you’ve been taught is something to strive for. And while I do urge you to get rich, mostly because it’s never been easier, you don’t need all of this.

And once you have these things, you will realize that they don’t fill the void within you, UNLESS you made this money while following your purpose.

This is an important distinction a lot of people tend to forget.

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That’s why lottery winners usually end up as drug addicts without money. Not only did they not earn their money, but they also notice that buying all these things doesn’t fulfill them.

And the fake friends don’t help either.

The best way out? Never retire at all. With purpose.

escape wage slavery

What you should be doing is find something you enjoy doing. I know the word “passion” get’s a lot of shit, but I still use it. Because I believe in it since I found it.

But at least find something you enjoy doing to some degree. Don’t work your whole life in a job that sucks out your soul, to retire after 60 years half-dead.

You need to find something you can do until you are dead. And on the way, you enjoy life.

For example. I work every single day. 7 days a week. There isn’t a day where I don’t do something for my mission. People get irritated when you say that. “Don’t you need free time?”

That IS my free time.

This blog, the business I started, and the networks I created. That IS what I do in my free time for fun. I enjoy doing it.

This wasn’t always the case and it still isn’t always the case.

There are days when I don’t want to do shit. Tedious work. But I still do it. Because I know it’s part of what I like doing.

This doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy it. Tweeting, making Youtube clips, and this blog. I love it. It doesn’t feel like I am exchanging lifetime for money.

And I don’t see why I would ever retire from writing and teaching my experiences. Ever.

I will never retire because I retire every day anew.

True freedom is found in working all the time. On the right things

People think that retiring at 70 means being finally free. But you’re not free. And you never were until that point.

I am free.

Because, the house, the car, the wife, even kids, I don’t really care about, it could all be gone, I could always write.

Now, that doesn’t mean I neglect this all. I love all I have, but I am totally fine with it all being gone, as long as I can keep a laptop to write.

That is true freedom. Liberating.

Most of you living in the Matrix still are hugely in chains (I still am to some degree as well, make no mistake). Mortgage, debt, kids; It all puts some chains around your neck, and you’re pulling all this load while it slowly strangles you and takes your breathing room.

Only to be “free” at 70, when all this shit almost killed you already. No, thanks.

What to do? Stop trading time for money

First of all, you need to ditch that mindset. Retirement is a fallacy. You will never really retire.

Get that shit out of your head. Life doesn’t work that way.

What you do is “retire” at 35-40 with all the things you built already that bring in money passively. So you have the money and energy to travel the world. Or buy that Lambo if you really need it.

As long as you trade your time for money, you will never be free.

You need to build assets. Invest time first, until it’s done, and then spread it far and wide so it makes money on its own.

If you don’t find a way to make money in your sleep, you will work until you die.

Warren Buffett

Mister Buffett is right. In your 9-5 you will work forever.

If you find your passion, you will potentially also work forever, but not because you HAVE to. Because you WANT to.

It’s a small distinction that makes a HUGE difference.

So the first thing you need to do is make a plan on how to escape the 9-5 hell. Unless your dream job is only available as a 9-5 solution, in which case, fine. We need a workforce. But make sure to set up other income streams so you can enjoy life before you’re dead.

Maybe, you should start by trying to discover yourself.

The dream of a Mojito on the Beach

You probably have that image in your head, lying on the beach, with a Mojito in hand, checking out that hottie in the swimsuit.

But you don’t think that image through! For how long are you gonna do this? A month? Maybe two? Before you are bored as shit? Humans aren’t designed to live like that.

It’s another lie you’ve been sold by society and commercials. This shit will bore the hell out of you within two seconds.

Vacation is totally fine, but most of your life you will be working.

So at least make sure you work on something you actually enjoy. Which changes you for the better, and potentially society. Then you finally found your passion.

And then you don’t care about chillin’ on the beach for months.

Because you are relaxed all day. With your work.

And you retire each day anew.

–Alexander Graves

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