Stop asking HOW to make Money

Greetings, friends!


“RELAX, Alexander… but why? I need money.”

We all do.

But the problem lies deeper.

The more you ask people on how to make money (quickly), the less you learn the necessary skills to ACTUALLY make money.

And I am very guilty of this.

For years, I have been seeking the quick route. Just gotta figure out that one platform, that one course, that one thing that makes millions quick, easy, and fast.

The problem is, my former self (and you) are basically skipping the necessary steps to be SUSTAINABLY rich.

Which consists of learning

  • how to create good products
  • how to do marketing
  • how to run a business overall
  • how to do legal stuff and taxes
  • how to deal with refunds and bad customers
  • how to deal with your audience in general
  • how to grow a following
  • how to cultivate spending habits that make good investments
  • how to create the mindset to deal with money properly
  • and so many more things

If you want a given, finished, step-by-step solution to becoming rich, you are trying to avoid learning ANY of this.

You want the steps, make the money, and that’s it.

And by all means, you might make money quickly initially, maybe even for 1-2 years. But as soon as you need to adapt to a new market, a new trend, a new platform, you’ll lose it all.

The path to sustainable riches is ALWAYS the same.

And everyone who is rich has been through this: Learn all the necessary skills, fail 100 times, keep going, eventually succeed.

“It took me 8 years to get lucky overnight.” –Lionel Messi

Without any of this, you’ll likely end up like any of these lottery winners and/or celebrities that earn 20 mil a year but are still broke.

The money mindset is not installed, so more money will not help you.

It’s a hard pill to swallow, and took me years to realize, but it’s reality. You need to put in the work.


How you make money is not important at all.

It’s WHY you make it.

Your vision.

Your goals.

Your passion.


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THIS IS the thing you need to develop first.

It stands above everything else because if you have a purpose, it doesn’t matter how many years it takes, you will power through.

It doesn’t matter how many times you fail, you will try it again.

It doesn’t matter what anyone says or how the economy is set up, you will proceed doing it.

So, stop asking on how to make money, and start asking how to find your purpose.

Well, lucky for you I JUST launched a new course for that!

GROUNDED – Subconsciously Driven Life Purpose.

See, in the past you would’ve needed to plan years just for your purpose. Going on retreats, travelling, meditating in the forest for hours, until you have this enlightening moment of what you should do.

But lucky for us all, we know have technology that solves that.

With GROUNDED, I created a hybrid between subliminal messaging and conscious guidance towards your purpose.

I’m very proud of this creation, it’s the fastest way I know of to find your Purpose in life.

It helped me to be COMPLETELY clear within MINUTES that I shouldn’t shill the shitty Red Pill and the lies of the Tate, but that I need to focus on self improvement for men (the thing I started with, go figure) and improving people’s lives with positivity.

It can do the same for you.

Launch price is $9.99 instead of $97 because I want to test this more “in the field” with you guys.

This price might not stay forever though.

Either way, if you’re ready to be GROUNDED in life, get it here.

30-Day Money-Back as always, of course!


PPS: Tell me how much your making money efforts failed so far and if a TRUE purpose, ALIGNED with your soul might have potentially drove you into a different direction?

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