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Deeply personal post today.

“I gotta go with gamers. I know their language, their problems, their needs… because I was there for 20 years.”

This was the realization for my business that subconsciously set in a few days later, right after manifesting another $2,000 random extra payment from the 9-5. And sex on the office table while Marvel Snap was running on the side.

This is the power of your subconscious mind. Absolute clarity on what you need to do. While getting all the pleasures of life with just an MP3 File.

A little backstory on how I got there…

The Weird, Nerdy Gamer Guy

I got my first PC when I was about 12 years old.

Back then with Windows 95 and dial-up modems. The PC had about 255Mhz Power (yes, kids, your smartphone has about 1000x that power).

I played a game called N.I.C.E. 2 which was a racing game that kept crashing because my PC was too slow.

N.I.C.E. 2 videogame

And I remember kicking the PC tower every time it crashed because I couldn’t handle my emotions.

To this day, I am triggered when technology doesn’t work. Specifically, the internet 😉

Outside of gaming, it also introduced me to the internet.

And of course, porn.

Back then, more than downloading 1-2 images of a girl in a thong wasn’t possible due to the slow speed.

I had to do it while Mom was out.

This was quite dangerous.

I guess you can already tell what this made out of me.

Sitting in my room all day, playing video games, and masturbating to porn, with no social interactions.

Of course, I was the classic loser guy in school.

Bullied once or twice, but nothing crazy.

But I didn’t hang with the cool guys.

Celebrated my 18th birthday with nobody. Was sitting at home playing games.

Not that I had any friends to speak of.

Alcohol, Parties, Porn

At around 19, a gaming/school friend of mine introduced his cousin to me.

And he was driving a tuned car, had girlfriends since he was 14, and was partying all weekend.

Talk about a bad influence lol

Well, I am still friends with him, but thinking back I would’ve probably been better off keeping the gaming and streaming on Twitch.

Either way, I went with the alcohol, parties, and getting shitfaced each weekend.

Throughout the week, I scored a well-paying programming job, but was still jacking it to porn, and playing videogames.

At the time I was big with CSGO. I even played professionally in a clan, myrush at the time.

Later switched to Dota 2 and spent hundreds of Dollars on cosmetics.

Yet, on the weekends I was getting drunk af, in clubs, all that.

At some point, I actually had girlfriends.

I always had a way with people, including women.

I am a funny guy to hang around with.

So even though I was weird to an extent and my energy clearly was shit from all the porn, I managed to get women.

Fast forward a few years, and I am married to a girl (still my wife btw), still the same job, still mostly gaming, still jacking it to porn.


Because after the initial hot phase of incredible sex, I didn’t know how to keep her engaged.

So it all dropped.

Plus, a BARRAGE of internal issues I was carrying around, lack of self-esteem, and all that.

Questioning Existence as a Driving Force

One evening, after being rejected yet again, stuffing my face with TONS of sugary sweets, watching a shitty Netflix show WHILE scrolling Facebook on my phone.

My wife then (while scrolling Facebook herself) asked me, “Do you even watch the show or are you just checking your phone?”

It was more of a broody remark than an actual question.

But it did get my mind going.

One question kept circulating through my mind for the next weeks:

“Is this really all there is to life?”

  • Commute 2 hours a day
  • Work a well-paying job you hate
  • Shitty colleagues, badly illuminated light
  • No movement, getting fat
  • Porn in the evening instead of real sex
  • Or if sex happened, it was going through the motions
  • Videogames not for fun, but to escape reality
  • Weekends to get shitfaced and waste money
  • Rinse repeat

Looks pretty grim if you look at it this way, doesn’t it?

So I made a decision to be DONE with this shit and get my life in order.

The Red Pill of Doom

I came across Twitter and the Manosphere.

I don’t even remember what exactly got me on Twitter, but it definitely kickstarted a big process.

Back then (must be about 7-8 years now), it was basically masculine self-improvement.

Guys getting their shit together, building online businesses, and having tons of sex.

It was awesome.

Until I came across the Red Pill.

You might have heard of this. These guys claim to have cracked the holy grail of getting women to do what they want.

At the time this sounded awesome.

I had this beautiful wife that wasn’t interested in boning at all or it was starfishing.

Of course, I went down that route.

What guy wouldn’t have?

I went so deep (pun intended) that I even ended up joining the War Room.

I was making money online.

Published 3 books on Amazon (one of them a Day 1 bestseller), ran a subscription group, all the nine yards.

I could already see the light at the end of the 9-5 tunnel.

Sex with my wife was mind-blowingly good.

I thought I needed to be that manipulative asshole that I became and women like bad guys.

Little did I know that it wasn’t me being an asshole (because we had a lot of fights) but that I wasn’t needy for sex anymore which freed her up.

My energy changed.

I didn’t realize this AT ALL at the time.

It looked good, but it wasn’t.

I still felt weird underneath.

Something just wasn’t adding up.

The One Purchase That Changed Everything

One day I randomly (or divinely?) came across subliminal messaging on Youtube.

I liked the idea from the get-go.

I always had a feeling there is more to life than the physical.

And, well, due to meditation I also had an Out-Of-Body-Experience (once).

I dove into this whole topic and discovered SubliminalClub.

Got EMPEROR and ran it.

emperor subliminal messaging program

At this point, I did not know I am now on a path to glory, fulfillment, and success in life.

It felt awesome to run it.

But there was a caveat:

It changed my entire being. It showed me all my lies.

Slowly, but surely.

It took about 2 more years and MANY more subs purchased (I almost have their entire catalog) to end up where I am today.

  • Complete clarity on my purpose in life.
  • Living fulfilled (regardless of not being entirely free yet)
  • Having a loving and lovely relationship.
  • Great sex whenever.
  • An awesome son.
  • And helping other people achieve the same on a daily basis.

Finally Having Clarity

I am currently running a custom with Emperor and Chosen within it, and about a week ago I had this revelation.

True, deep revelation.

Of what to do with my life.

This is what I did business-wise so far:

  • Running a cryptocurrency blog
  • Running a self-improvement blog
  • A Shopify lingerie store
  • A relationship coaching program
  • A spirituality program
  • Trading cryptocurrency
  • Webdesign agency
  • Logo design and creatives
  • Online business in general

Most of them failed, and some of them I didn’t even run long enough.

And there’s more in there I forgot.

And now, finally, I have the clarity.

I need to go into the gaming niche.

I have 6+ years of experience in running businesses. I made $10k a month with some of them.

I have 20 years of experience with gaming, I know the language, and the needs, because I was there.

And I can do good by helping gamers to be financially independent and confident in themselves.

To have stronger relationships. Better health, more fun, and more sex.

It’s CLEAR as day to me now.

Yet it was hidden from my sight for many years.

This is my story.

Always moving in the wrong direction in life, until I made that one purchase.

The Emperor.

So What Does Emperor Do Exactly?

It is a subliminal messaging program (you can learn more about how it works here) that reshapes your subconscious mind. Belief systems, etc.

95% of your daily decisions are driven by the subconscious mind.

If you believe to be an EMPEROR in your mind all day, this is the reality you will create.

Here are some of the results I got from it:

  • Absolute, indomitable self-believe and confidence. It’s insane. Nothing perturbs me.
  • Insane masculinity boost. A deep and profound understanding of what it means to be a man. Without any control or manipulation.
  • Healed A LOT of issues around my masculinity from the past.
  • Understand my sexual energy on a deeper level, able to control it.
  • Solved any erectile dysfunction issues (from porn). Solved premature ejaculation. Conscious control of how long I last.
  • Creating deep and powerful attraction in the other gender.
  • Money manifestations left and right. Between $200 and $5000, I manifested money with the WEIRDEST situations with this.
  • Massive boost to work on your business, clarity on how to set it up, what to do. Anytime I run this sub, I get new ideas and clarity on what to do.
  • And well, just look at my story what it did to me 😀

Now, the sub doesn’t do the heavy lifting for you.

It helps you to take inspired action.

But you’re still the one that needs to do all the work. It’s not a magic pill, it’s a powerful tool.

You will know what to do.

Then do it.

If you want to achieve the same, get it here:


See you soon,

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