The Matrix is Real

Depending on your age, you might not even know what I am on about. The Matrix is from 1999, but this movie set standards for movies and reshaped reality for many people to this day.

Not only was it the first-ever movie to use 3D Bullettime, but it was also a wake-up call for any person to rethink their entire life. If they got the message. If you didn’t get it, I am here to help.

Because the Matrix IS real, just a bit different than you think.

Quick Clip about the Matrix being real

I made a Youtube Clip about this whole thing which you can watch below or click here to see it in your app. However, this post contains the text version of it.

Watch my clip about it on Youtube!

What is the Matrix?

In the movie, The Matrix is a computer program in which all humans live. They do so by having their mind-controlled to see the Matrix, while their bodies are in a constant coma / sort-of-awake-but-not-really-state.

The machines – an artificial intelligence (yes this was the first AI movie) – do this so they can use the thermal energy created by the human body to keep their machines running. And there’s one guy called Neo, which is supposed to be The Chosen One (that’s where this meme comes from) who can control the Matrix from being plugged inside.

Now I know this sounds like a 13-year-olds wet dream fighting movie. And it is, which is why people never got the deeper message. They were busy drooling over the fighting scenes, effects, and cool outfits. But this movie is a metaphor for real life.

How does the Matrix look like in real life?

In reality, you DO live in the Matrix as well. But it’s not a computer program in your brain. It is way more subtle. Every day, you are shot at by a ton of bullets. Check these bullets out:

neo stopping the real life bullets of the matrix

All the social media, porn, video games, politics, processed food, etc, etc. All these things numb your brain, keep you in low-energy states, and give you a false sense of accomplishment.

Think about it. When you indulge in these things, what are you actually gaining?

  • Do you feel energetic after eating sugary food or could you fall asleep right there?
  • Do you feel empty and depressed after masturbating to porn for an hour straight? Do you hate yourself because you wanted to do stuff, but your dick “came up”?
  • Does debating about politics with rando’s on Twitter make you feel good, or are you angry about these people?
  • Does watching the News actually inform you, or mostly make you angry or anxious about what’s happening in the world?
  • After 3 hours of videogames, do you feel great, relaxed, and happy? Or are you mad that you lost that last game?

Introspection for reality

Truly ask yourself if your life feels like the Matrix in the movie. If you haven’t seen it yet, do it. And watch it with that in mind. Does something feel off about your life and everything you’ve been told?

  • So far you needed almost nothing you learned in school.
  • Your college degree helped you score a job that almost covers the bills, but not really…
  • You’re overly nice to people, and never try to offend them, but you also never get what you want. They sort of rule over you
  • You do everything your girl wants, but she still isn’t into sex, or not as much
  • You eat the food that supposedly healthy, cereal each morning, but somehow you have no energy all day

Most people never ask themselves real questions about their life. Do you coast through it? Or do you live intentionally?

Are you with the people who just happened to be around you? Or did you actively choose to be with them? Did you marry the woman you really wanted or did you marry the woman you just were with, and “it was about time?”

Ask yourself if you are the one at the steering wheel of your life, or someone else?

Why does the Matrix exist?

Good question. What is there to gain?

Two ways we can go, and I let you decide which route to take:

  1. If you can handle it, figure out the dark, truly brutal reason why the Matrix exists here, and go here for more personal guidance on that
  2. These corporate and social structures were either incorporated intentionally to increase profit and power, or it just happened to work pretty well and they didn’t ask themselves when they should stop.

Trust me, the second one is easier to digest, but it’s not the actual truth.

But you’ve been warned.

“They” just being politicians, corporate heads, etc. Lots of people miss the big picture, and, well, if you aren’t the one in the meat grinder, life doesn’t look so bad.

Anyway, if you think about it, for corporations and politics it is a net plus if you are low-energy, and work the majority of your healthy lifespan without asking questions.

It brings stability to society. Big corporations need a workforce. Simple people who do these meaningless jobs to keep the companies running. Tedious tasks, no one else wants to do.

Is being a janitor bad?

This post isn’t to shit on labor work or retail. Because I often get accused of this. There is nothing wrong with working a tough job all your life. As long as it is what you want, or what you’re comfortable with. Not everybody is made for running his own business. Or working on their own terms.

Some of you just love the external structure imposed by the company, including the “security” of having a safe job and it’s fine. No hard feelings.

My point is that a lot of people (like old me) work in these jobs, but deep down resent it. I even said things like, “I like being the cog in a big corporation.” Should’ve said I like being the cock! Because the indoctrination was so heavy, I did believe this bullshit.

Once I started working on my own, I had tons of energy, passion, work ethic, etc. I still work a 9-5 because I am not fully autarkic yet. But when I work for the 9-5, I do the bare minimum. I just can’t motivate myself to be interested in this shit.

However, when I write for this blog and keep my personal business up, I work every free minute without issue and I love it.

Maybe you just don’t know that you would love this as well, in which case I highly recommend to find yourself.

How am I being controlled?

If you are busy doing all this pointless shit like porn, Netflix, videogames, you will never question existence. You will never question why you spend the majority of your healthy lifespan working for other people, only to retire with no money, waiting for death.

Because that is what corporate life is. You work for other people so they can enjoy life. Not you. You try to make the best of your life by getting drunk each weekend. Escaping from reality into a drunken stupor. Only to wake up in the middle of Sunday, the weekend already over, to start anew on Monday. But is that really a good life? Or are you just trying to escape your personal Matrix?

Conspiracy theory or pure coincidence, for the corporate world (companies, government) it is best if you just keep working all your life, not asking questions. So these things to numb you are totally up their sleeve. Hence why porn is fucking free. Hence why the News almost always only broadcast negative news.

It keeps you in a state of fear.

So you never revolt. You never take risks to get a better job, or a different one or even start your own company.

Fear has always been the best way to control people.

It’s when your boss tells you that “everyone is replaceable.” What does this do? It imposes fear into you. He knows you are dependent on this job, otherwise, you can’t pay your rent. So he gets from you what he wants.

However, when you actually leave the corporation, they always try to hold you in. Or at least most of the time (depends on the profession, but generally). Why? Because they need you! A corporation is useless without its workforce. Just like a country doesn’t exist without its citizens. The people have more power than they think.

And to quote another great movie from 2005:

v for vendetta governments should be afraid

How to escape the Matrix?

If you are like me, you sort of hate living that life. That slaving away your best years for utterly meaningless jobs. Neo knows it in the movie. Something just feels wrong. He doesn’t really feel free. He is a slave. Not physically, but his mind is enslaved in the Matrix. He doesn’t really have a free will.

In the movie, he is awoken by Morpheus which gives him the Red Pill to see reality (that’s where this comes from, yes). And once he wakes up, stops all the bad shit, and believes in himself, he can finally change the course of HIS life. Bend reality to HIS will.

And this is again a great metaphor for real-life. As soon as you stop giving in to your vices, stop giving in to that easy entertainment, THAT is when you will take control of your life. Quit porn, see your testosterone levels rise. This will give you immense energy!

Reduce carbohydrates and sugar, which increases your energy even more! Ignore the politics and media, it’s pointless anyway.

Ignore the media

I remember talking to an older guy I know about why he watches the News. Because I haven’t watched it in over 2 years, and guess what, I am still alive. He does it all day, every day. I asked him why. “To know what’s happening. When a war is starting or smth.”

See, he lives in fear. In constant fear of a potential war starting, which is funny, because he is so out of shape, he wouldn’t be drafted anyway. Maybe that is the reason for his fear, that he might be killed immediately in a war. I don’t know.

But ask yourself, what does it matter if 2,000 miles away from your current position someone kills himself for his Religion. Sure, it’s a tragedy, but what about the life happening in front of you? It doesn’t impact that at all. All it does is make you feel negative about mankind in general. Or the world, money, or Trump.

Porn is probably your biggest Matrix

I was addicted to porn for years. I watched it every day, and you have not the slightest clue how quickly, and heavily my life improved once I quit it for good.

I can’t even properly describe what a sick change this made. More energy, better physique, more testosterone, calmer mood, less emotional, not depressed anymore, and best of all: no erectile dysfunction!

Don’t believe me? Here are about five gazillion studies and scientific evidence on why it is bad.

escape wage slavery

Ever wondered why porn is free? Sure, the women are usually paid shit for their “job” but these clips are still expensive to make, and running a huge video website like Pornhub is stupidly expensive. So why is that free?

Because it keeps you plugged into the system.

Everything has a price. Sometimes the price is just very well hidden.

The price for free porn is your energy, your soul, your life’s accomplishments. All of which you are missing because you spend hours each day masturbating to other people having sex. One hour each day would be 365 hours a year. I write three full books in that time! Stephen King wrote “The Shining” in a week. And it changed his life forever. Imagine what you could achieve in that time!

The Matrix is a question of mindset

Focus on important things. How to get from life what you want? Establish systems to achieve what you want. Start to believe in yourself, and you will achieve it.

Reality is the product of your beliefs. Ever since I started these powerful things years ago, I realized how true this is. I quit all that shit, started to believe in myself, and here I am. Making money online, networking with famous people, having thousands of views on my blog every day, etc.

Just because I escaped my Matrix and believed in myself. I became THE ONE of my own life. I wrote my own life-story.

Do the same. Stop with those bad habits. You know exactly what hinders you. Quit that shit, see your energy rise, and rebel against a predefined life. Become THE ONE here.

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