Why Nobody Teaches True Self-Improvement

Almost nobody teaches true self-improvement out there.

True self-improvement.

It isn’t because they are all scammers.

I am convinced, most of them gurus out there were just going through their own issues and decided to share their wisdom with others.

Much like I did and do.

However, you certainly bought many books, courses, and the like.

But it didn’t truly move the needle.

You might be a little bit better off.

The mindset is right.

But reality?

That didn’t change as much as you would’ve liked.

The paradox of life is that you only tried to change external things.

Which had zero impact on your external world.

Yes, such is life.

Weird and all over the place.

Let me explain…

Real, true self-improvement is not shiny. It’s ugly.

You need to deal with the dark stuff.

Like your porn addiction.

Or your massive sex drive. Erectile dysfunction or cumming too fast.

The reason is likely some deep shit within your psyche you have been avoiding for many years.

Or you get angry fast towards your wife and kids.

There is brooding resentment underneath every interaction.

You hate this part about yourself, so you try to suppress it. While at the same time not talking to your wife about the things you want and need.

You hate your 9-5. It’s unfulfilling. The commute sucks. Pay is merely enough to cover the bills.

But you’re stuck.

You didn’t build skills to switch jobs, but you also just can’t quit and try something because you have a family to support.

Tackling these issues is tough shit, man.

The Red Pill will throw the hammer on every problem “withdraw attention” and “become a high-value man”

That solves everything.

Except it doesn’t.

Those are external solutions for an internal problem.

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If you withdraw attention, but within yourself, you want MORE attention, this will shine through.

60-90% of human interactions are non-verbal.

What you say (external) isn’t as important as what you ARE (internal).

You want to build a business, but you can’t get your ass up.

People will tell you to watch motivational videos or “just do something until you’re good at it, then you’ll love it.”

Hell nah.

That’s not how this works at all.

This would be doing something externally while dreading it internally. Regardless of the results you get.

And as you know, I am not about that at all.

I want sustainable freedom, fun and love for my life.

I don’t want to exchange one slavery for the next.

Yet, this is why nobody teaches you real self-improvement and just gives you these platitudes and external solutions.

Because it sells well.

And I am very much guilty of this in the past.

Nobody wants to do the hard work.

The shiny simple solutions are great.

But if you want sustainable, long-term success, you have to go through the dark stuff within yourself.

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Stop mentally masturbating over books and courses.

Put in the action.

If you get a course, don’t just watch/read it. DO IT.


pyramid of remembering things

You can’t change what people do and what they teach.

But you can change how you interact with their content.

Set yourself a reminder to go through and implement your Twitter bookmarks each week.

Evaluate if you can use it or not.

Don’t just look at the surface-level tweets and IG reels that just get attention.

The real sauce is found in people’s email lists and courses.

IF you put in the action.

We live in the information age.

Abundant information, tips and tricks everywhere.

At this point it is ENTIRELY up to you if you succeed.

Everything you need is out there.

But mentally masturbating about it won’t do anything.

You must put in the work.

And if you want guidance and accountability on that,  click here .

Until then,

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