Why You Just DON’T Make Money

Money is survival.

We ALL NEED to make money to survive in this society.

This is also why you get these fears and anxieties, the feeling of almost dying when you are at the brink of poverty (which I was).

In our society, if you cannot buy food for this week, you’re pretty much dead.

You will be living on the street, and this has the same state of “dead” in any social circle.

So of course, we’re all hellbent on making money.

I should say, “more money.”

You will understand why in a second.

The biggest problem why you’re not making money though, is not, because it is hard (it really isn’t. No, seriously, it isn’t), or because rich people are evil or society is set up against you (well it is, but that doesn’t stop you from making money).

The real issue is that you try to solve an internal problem by external means.

What’s this mean?

The reason you’re not making money (in big numbers) isn’t solved by any external get rich scheme, or fancy making money tactics, or the 500th course on how to monetize your craft.

This is all external.

Internally, you have wrong beliefs about it.

You already know HOW to make money. You just don’t believe you can do it.

“Making money is hard.” “The market is saturated.” “I’m not good enough.”

All this kinda claptrap.

Look at it this way:

You’re ALREADY making money every day.

When you go to your 9 to 5, you engage in BUSINESS. You ARE partaking in the business world. In making money.

Is it hard?

Not really, right?

I am currently writing this while being at my corporate job. Nobody cares. It’s not hard at all to make that salary, or even work on YOUR business on the side.

But if you think making money is hard, what do you think how you will engage in business? You will actually tread doing it, BECAUSE you think it’s hard.

Meanwhile, some guys work 4 hours a day sitting infront of a camera, repeating stuff that’s been said a million times, making millions of dollars.

What’s hard about that?

(Not putting anyone’s work down here, k?)

This might even be so deeply ingrained in you that your mind doesn’t even think this is a belief, it thinks this is reality. The truth.

When it clearly isn’t.

The lesson in today’s conquest is: If you want to make money, CONQUER yourself first.

Get the brand name already? 😀

Stop buying courses with cool ideas and sick headlines (except for this one), or trying to manifest money into your life with cool magick tricks.

None of it, FIRST, you need to solve your internal belief system about money.

I have a (free) template for that which you can edit and tailor to your needs, which also includes a bunch of limiting beliefs about money. You can get it here.

(There’s a lot in there, the money part is in the “Unstucking Action Plan” under the “Root Chakra”)

See you in the 1%,

PS: This entire email was written to myself. I am not rich, but I gained this wisdom recently, and through this letter I reconciled and integrated it. Do the same, write all your money beliefs down. Work through them. THIS is the work that actually makes cash.

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