Why Your Self-Talk is Your Most Powerful Weapon

The way you talk to yourself, your self-talk, will determine every single outcome of your life. Don’t believe me? Watch the movie Limitless with Bradley Cooper.

The fuck has this to do with anything?

Try to think of the deeper meaning in a movie instead of just mindlessly consuming. You might discover something great!

A truly limitless life

Said movie got a lot of shit from pretty much everyone. Because it’s basis is, that we don’t access most of our brain at all times. Only like 10%. And in the movie, there is a drug that opens up the possibility to access it all.

Now, this isn’t quite true, but there is something to learn about it.

The movie isn’t about cognitive ability, as in intellect. It is about your subconscious. Eddie in the movie doesn’t get access to more brainpower.

He gets access to his subconscious.

You are rarely acting out yourself

We know that the subconscious directs about 90% of our everyday decisions.

Everything you do, you mostly do automated. At least, you think, it is automated. What actually happens, is that your subconscious programming acts according to its beliefs.

Right now for example, when you’re reading these words, your subconscious is sitting there, thinking if you are going to fight what I am writing here, or if you’re gonna believe it.

Depending on how receptive your deeper self is to such things.

But who is that deeper self?

You are two

Your inner self or your subconscious is everything you have experienced, learned, and lived through up to this point in your life. It has been shaped by everything that has happened. And, it is very heavily influenced by how you talk to yourself.

That inner voice you have? When you are thinking words, when you write them down, a voice is saying them in your head. Notice it right now.

When you read these lines, someone is turning these letters into spoken words. That is the other you.

If you are in a situation of conflict, that voice is saying things in your mind.

Working through different outcomes, building thoughts and feelings, and at some point, you mouth those words and bring them into existence.

He creates the ‘You.’ How other people see you.

Nobody knows who you truly are. You never truly say what exactly goes through your mind. The only person who does know the real you is that guy in your head. And your conscious mind (to some degree).

Pretty powerful, right?

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The great filter

Now, why is that?

There are multiple theories. If you’ve listened to a bunch of Joe Rogan’s Podcasts, and especially the one with Michael Pollan, you know he talks a lot about psychedelics. LSD, DMT, whatever it is.

The interesting part is, that when people take these drugs in a proper environment, without anxiety and fear, they tend to have life-changing experiences.

They report seeing the whole universe at once, seeing celestial beings and whatnot. How Nature functions, and that they are missing out on that connection.

For a lot of them, this changes their whole life. They don’t get addicted because these substances aren’t addictive. But that one trip showed them a reality most of us don’t perceive.

And funnily enough, the people that take DMT (which is also produced by your body) report the same or very similar visuals. Different people, same visual. Maybe there is something to it?

The science of the spiritual

There is now legit science behind it, even though these drugs have a bad reputation (due to ignorance). Credible institutions are researching in that field. For now, scientists think, your brain – the conscious, awake brain – is just a filter. A filter for reality.

It not only filters your feelings to the outside, but it also filters another sphere of being. The other you. Your subconscious.

And maybe another world we don’t even know about. I don’t want to go too deep into that, although I know it exists, because I had such an experience once while meditating. I was truly outside my body. And it does change your perception quite heavily.

Using positive self-talk is a great way to change reality

You may now have a mind = blown experience. Good. But how do we use this information? Self-talk.

See, throughout the day, you constantly talk to yourself. In your mind, or even by mouthing words.

Your inner self is very receptive to the spoken word.

Hence why the type of media you consume is very, very, very important. It literally shapes your identity. News, and depressing music, shape your inner self.

It’s not just the 5 closest people you are with, it’s also where you are.

Anyway, there are multiple books on how to become successful, happier, better with women, and whatnot. Including this blog. And all of these sources do one thing: They change your perception of reality.

  • Think and grow rich changes your reality of money, and then tells you to write down your goals
  • I keep telling you, that you need to write a daily journal with your goals
  • The power of your subconscious mind has a whole paragraph on how to talk with yourself out loud
  • We know that you can memorize things for studying better if you say them out loud
  • With Subliminal Messaging, you can change your inner chatter to be more positive and uplifting

There is this quote, “Man is what he believes.”

At first, I thought this is another motivational poster kind of quote. But with this blog post in mind, rethink that quote.

Man IS what he believes.

What your beliefs are will shape your reality.

If you think you’re good at writing, you will be good at writing. If you think you need to work out every day, you will work out every day.

Negative self-talk destroys your life

This works both ways. I know a lot of people who constantly talk very badly with and to themselves. In my closest family. Things like,

“I am never lucky, man.”

“Of course, this happens to me!”

“I will never be successful!”

If you keep saying these things to yourself, you will believe them. And they will shape your reality. I have done that in the past. A lot, actually.

Stop talking so negatively to yourself.

Mostly because it’s bullshit. And pretty narcissistic.

How can you be so entitled to think, that only you get all the shit? There are people out there who have it way worse. Stop making things worse than they are.

Be grateful!

Forced reality through positive self-talk

Using positive self-talk is a great way to change your reality for the better.

I turned my self-talk around completely. I only talk positively to myself now. You can absolutely influence your subconscious and how you think about things.

Some shit happens? It’s a challenge that’ll make you grow!

Don’t get me wrong, I don’t run around at funerals, “GUYZ, IT’S A CHALLENGE!” Of course not, I am not an idiot. But every day when bad things happen, it doesn’t phase me.

But most importantly I believe in myself and my goals. I know I am not a sad loser because I don’t talk to me like that.

And guess what, you are on this blog and reading this. And maybe I changed your life for the better, so I have already been successful!

This will take time. But if you force yourself to think positively about everything that happens in your life, your outlook on life will be positive.

And then you will actually see the good things. Opportunities, solutions, possibilities. And get from life what you want.

If you want more detail on HOW to do this properly and many more mindset techniques, check this out:

escape wage slavery

Battle-plan for success

Here’s your plan:

  • Think about what you want to achieve, write down your goals, and cite them every morning!
  • Develop a third-person view of yourself. Actively listen to how you talk to yourself. Negative thought? Make it positive (even better, carry a notebook and write them down)
  • Each day, be grateful for something small, your food, you have a shower, you can chill in front of the TV, whatever.
  • Write down a positive version of yourself. In the now. A version you want to be as if you were that person already. Write that down. Read it out loud every day.
  • Get a Subliminal Messaging Program like Ascension that covers a lot of ground

One key thing to add: The subconscious is very receptive to feelings. When things happen and a huge feeling got involved in that. So when you imagine your goals or your future self, put a strong feeling into it.

You might think it is woo-woo, but life is what we make of it.

If you make it out to be beautiful and giving, it will return all its gifts. Start talking to yourself like that. Soon enough you will notice a lot of improvements.

It will make you successful and happy.

Worked for me, and all those great people who wrote such books. Join our ranks!

–Alexander Graves

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